Hi everybody,

as you may have heard, we're working hard to get version 5.8, the next
feature release, out the door. The previous feature release, 5.7.0, is
almost a year old and our wonderful contributors and fellow maintainers
have been busy, meaning this release will feature a large number of new
features and changes.

To prepare for the release, we're going to "freeze" the 5.8 release on
November 1st, meaning that after Nov 1 we're only going to accept
bugfixes into 5.8 – new features will be merged into "master" as usual.

Shortly after that we're going to publish a release candidate and give
you about two weeks to test the new version, before (assuming no major
bugs materialize) cutting the new release, probably on Nov 15.

At this point it's unlikely that we're going to merge any major new
features, but if you have a smaller pending pull request, now would be a
good time to ping it and bring it to our attention. (No promises,
though, we're still only a merry band of volunteers!)

Best regards,
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