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On Wed Oct 18, 2017 at 18:18:50PM +0200, vathan Lal wrote:
> Hello,
> Iam new to collectd and I installed collectd in a VM to collect different
> performance metrics from the VM and I really liked collectd. I tested
> various plugins and all are working fine. What is interesting to me is to
> find what is the impact of these plugins in the overall performance of the
> system. For that iam interested in knowing what is the resource consumption
> of a particular collectd plugin. For eg: I want to know what is the CPU,
> RAM usage ... of collectd plugin:Memory. Is there any options exist to see
> it?? or what is the best way to find it?? Any help in this direction is
> really appreciated.
This isn't a collectd specific question. Use your system toolbox, e.g.
ps, pmap or even flamegraph.

If you want the hardcore stuff build collectd with profiler support and
use your profiler.

If you have a specific problem you have to provide more information.

Resource consumption is usually negligible but this really depends
on your site setup and size. We are running collectd smoothly on
about a 700 hosts with about 50 metrics per host sampled
every 60 sec. plus about 30 switches pulled per SNMP.

Even with most of the nodes under heavy load (high CPU load
and memory exhausted by long running simulations producing
high disk io) but you should avoid exec plugins in this case
of memory pressure. Of cause your selected data backend should
be capable of handling the amount of data written. This can be
done with the rrdtool plugin and aggressive cacheing (resulting
in higher memory consumption) but usually you are not using
rrdtool as storage backend in larger setups (especially if
you want/have to provide graphics for "teh management" on
a regular basis ;) ).

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