I’m trying to aggregate disk statistics (disk ops and disk octets), but I 
couldn’t manage to find which Type name I am supposed to use. This is my 
configuration using disk_ops_complex as a type name.

<Plugin "aggregation">
    Plugin "disk"
    Type "disk_ops_complex"

    GroupBy "Host"
    GroupBy "TypeInstance"

    CalculateSum true


and this doesn’t aggregate at all. When I use “disk_ops” or “disk_octets” as 
type names, the aggregation plugin fails with saying using more than one data 
source is not supported. (because disk_ops or disk_octets have two data sources 
(read & write))
I also tried to define custom types (read and write) in types.db, but that 
doesn’t work. I searched through your mailing list achieve, docs and FAQs but 
couldn’t find a case using aggregation plugin with disk plugin. My question is 
that does aggregation plugin supports disk plugin, if so; what should be the 
aggregation configuration?

Kerim Gokarslan

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