Dear All,

I am finding it surprisingly difficult to work with a mixture
of plugins from different sources, specifically the normal plugins
from my Debian-packaged collectd plus my own additional/modified
ones (i.e. the BMP280 pressure sensor I wrote about a few days ago).

I'd like to be able to leave the distribution-supplied plugins
in /usr/lib/collectd/ and put my own somewhere else.  (If I change
/usr/lib/collectd, bad things will happen when I upgrade the
collectd package.)  But there doesn't seem to be any support for a
plugin search path; PluginDir is a single directory.  It also seems
that LoadPlugin doesn't take an absolute path.  I also tried various
things with symlinks, but then collectd complains that the plugin is
not a regular file.

Am I missing something?  How do other people work with a mixture
of distribution-supplied and custom plugins?

Regards, Phil.

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