pg-collectd provides an (unofficial) alternative and opinionated postgres 
collectd writer plugin, where flexibility is traded in for performance and ease 
of use.

- It achieves a 4x reduction in db cpu usage compared to using collectd's 
default postgres writer + setup
- If one is running Debian based system and collectd 5.4+ (eg: Ubuntu 14.04+) 
one can `dpkg -i` the provided debs. If using another distro, one can compile 
from source (Rust).
- pg-collectd works by flattening the collectd metrics and `COPY` them directly 
to the db.

Depending on your use case, this plugin won't replace collectd's native 
postgres plugin as:

- pg-collectd must insert into a single table
- pg-collectd must insert into a table called "collectd_metrics" (work in 
- pg-collectd cannot communicate over TLS (work in progress)

Anyways, if anyone has thoughts or suggestions please share them or raise an 

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