Hi Daniel,

Best way that helped me is to reach out to 'faxm0dem' or 'mrunge' on IRC chat.
Join in IRC at freenode - 'collectd'.

Sunku Ranganath

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   If I understood the instructions correctly, in order to log in to the 
collectd wiki, I needed to a) subscribe to this mailing list and b) propose a 
user name here. I suppose you'll send me a temporary password?

   The proposed user name is 'daniel.u.thibault'.


Daniel U. Thibault, M.Sc.²

Computer Scientist, MCCS-SPC, Valcartier Research Centre
Defence Research and Development Canada / Government of Canada
daniel.thiba...@drdc-rddc.gc.ca<mailto:daniel.thiba...@drdc-rddc.gc.ca> / Tel: 
418-844-4000x4245 Fax: 418-844-4538
daniel.thiba...@forces.gc.ca<mailto:daniel.thiba...@forces.gc.ca> / Tel: 
418-844-4000x4245 Fax: 418-844-4538

DRDC is an agency of the Department of National Defence / RDDC est une agence 
du ministère de la Défense nationale

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