Thanks Matthias for initiating the required process for Collectd 5.10.
Appreciate your time in taking charge of release process, although we are a bit 
late as compared to our original date of releasing 5.10 by August timeframe. 
Better late than never!

In order to reduce the burden to one person and have some predictability in the 
I would ask the community to take a look at the Collectd Release Process 
Proposal document detailed at [1].

This would allow us to remove any roadblocks and establish few guidelines. 
Please feel free to comment on the document.


Sunku Ranganath

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back in February, when we had our face to face meeting, we agreed on getting 
back to three releases per year, one in April, one in August, and one in 

5.9 was a bit delayed, but I would like to get back to the cycle.

That means: I'm proposing 5.10 to be released in September, and I would also 
like to see a code-freeze/feature freeze.

Detailed, that'd mean:

  - Sept 16: feature freeze/code freeze; only bug fixes allowed.
  - Sept 30: 5.10 release.

Meanwhile, I would also like to see a 5.9.2 release to fix the issues[1].


Matthias Runge <>

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