On 03/03/2020 19:53, Matthias Runge wrote:
> Hi,
> according to the schedule, I am announcing a feature freeze for the
> upcoming collectd-5.11 release.
> That means, only bug-fixes are allowed for now until 5.11 comes out,
> which is planned for March 16. That gives a little less than two weeks
> to test 5.11. When in doubt, please ask before merging.
> I'll create and push a collectd-5.11 branch in the next few hours.


the branch has been created, please cherry-pick fixes to the 5.11 branch
(if necessary). With the new branch, master is unfrozen, new features
can be merged there, and they will get released in 5.12 then.

In any case, the priority should be on stabilizing the upcoming 5.11

Thank you,

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