Hi Ricardo, Matthias,

> > I assume in that intermediate instance, collectd takes care of
> > grabbing the input from the network plugin and sending it
> > through any of the configured write type plugins, in this case,
> > the collect gnocchi plugin.

I am now able to have the metrics into gnocchi backend using network
plugin through an intermediate instance. Thanks!

> Hi,

Hi Mathias,

> there are a few caveats here.
> - you are using only one controller, there is no HA.
> - I assume, you have gnocchi installed on your controller as well,
> again, no HA.
> - make sure, you have a performant gnocchi backend, i.e. separate ceph
> nodes.

You are right, this cluster is our first deployment, we are
understanding what are the steps to have one with HA. We are looking
at 2 deployment options:

- OpenStack Ansible

Let us know if we should review a third option.

> - when using swift as gnocchi backend, that can lead to starvation of
> the controller.

I will look at this carefully. Thanks.

> - for simplest collectd setups, you can surely use the network plugin to
> forward metrics between collectds.

Understood. Working  now :)

> You've mentioned, you are using Stein. We implemented in Train (and
> backported to Queens) the qdr mesh using Apache QPID. Collectd connects
> to the AMQP1 bus via the amqp1 plugin. On the other side, there is a
> component named "Smart Gateway", which provides a scrape endpoint for
> Prometheus and Elasticsearch to store metrics and also events.
> More details can be found on
> https://infrawatch.github.io/documentation/

This is great, again thanks for sharing. Let us take a look to
understand more about it.

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