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> Hello CollectD List!
> I am interested in using CollectD on a LAN, but would like to use the 
> MultiCast Network output to transmit to whatever real time readers may 
> appear, capture, and graph the output.
> In particular, I would like to connect my iPhone to the LAN, run a CollectD 
> receiver, just start receiving data, and have my iPhone start producing 
> graphs based upon the data observed.
> Is there an iPhone CollectD MultiCast Network Receiver, basic logger, and 
> basic time-series or gauge grapher?
> I am thinking about functionality similar to “perfmeter” on old SunView or 
> OpenWindows workstations, but eliminating the workstation part since I have a 
> phone in my pocket, and trying to simplify usage for collectd on appliances 
> forwarding telemetry. 
> The use case: IoT appliances are collectd enabled & dumping telemetry on 
> multicast, I start start up an iPhone app, view graphs in real time from what 
> is seen over multicast, determine health of IoT items, discard data as I shut 
> off the app, I don’t want any knowledge of IoT objects outside the LAN (no 
> web sites, no usernames, no passwords, maybe MAC Address or serial# or 
> appliance name, just Appliance sensors & IoT health on my LAN.)
> Thanks! DavidH

Hi DavidH,

I'd go with a setup where collectd is sending metrics via network to a
central location, that can be a prometheus for example (which is pulling
for metrics, to be exact).
You could then use your device of choice to visit that site.

Collectd is has a list of write targets, and if the write did not
succeed, it will try again. Until this is successful, it stores the
metrics (by default).

prometheus runs fine on even small devices.

A side remark: collectd never spelled with an upper-case 'D' at the end.
Where did you read it that way?

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