I'm using collectd's interface plugin to collect interface traffic from a 
system. The outputs is written to a CSV file using the CSV plugin.
Here's an example of the configuration.

LoadPlugin syslog
LoadPlugin csv
LoadPlugin interface
LoadPlugin "match_regex"
<Plugin syslog>
    LogLevel info
<Plugin csv>
    DataDir "/var/lib/collectd"
    StoreRates false
<Plugin interface>
       Interface "interface-name0"
<Chain "PostCache">
  <Rule "interface_metrics">
    <Match "regex">
      Type "^if_octets$"
    Target "write"
  Target "stop"
This configuration creates the following CSV path: 
Does collectd natively support and option to remove the timestamp from the log 
file name. Ex. if_octets. The program I am using to ingest the CSV requires the 
absolute path. I'm trying to avoid using an external tool to manipulate the 
Thanks in advance.

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