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I have created another pre-relese of collectd 6, version 6.0.0.rc3. It
contains the following changes:

2024-02-21, Version 6.0.0.rc3
        * Daemon: Two new metric types have been added: "up down counters" in
          integer and floating point variants. Thanks to @octo. #4287
        * OpenTelemetry plugin: This new plugin provides the ability to export
          as well as receive metrics via OTLP. It supersedes the
          *write_open_telemetry plugin*. Thanks to @octo. #4271
        * Write Prometheus plugin: A possible deadlock due to a leaked mutex has
          been fixed. Thanks to @octo. #4285
        * Write Prometheus plugin: Bugs in the handling of metrics from multiple
          resources as well as printing of metrics without labels have been
          fixed. Thanks to @octo. #4284
        * gpu_sysman plugin: Use real collectd metric functions unit tests.
          Thanks to @eero-t. #4223
        * memory plugin: The `system.linux.memory.available` metric has been
          added. Thanks to @octo. #4275
        * swap plugin: The `system.paging.faults` metric has been added. Thanks
          to @octo. #4278


Release notes:

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