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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit e29b7797dc2aebcfb00fc08201c31ef0caf5f4d3
Author: Richard Braun <>
Date:   Wed Sep 21 00:36:22 2016 +0200

    Enable high memory
    * i386/i386at/biosmem.c (biosmem_setup): Load the HIGHMEM segment if
    (biosmem_free_usable): Report high memory as usable.
    * vm/vm_page.c (vm_page_boot_table_size, vm_page_table_size,
    vm_page_mem_size, vm_page_mem_free): Scan all segments.
    * vm/vm_resident.c (vm_page_grab): Describe allocation strategy
    with regard to the HIGHMEM segment.

commit 6923672268ae8e51e3cf303314fca196dc369e19
Author: Richard Braun <>
Date:   Wed Sep 21 00:35:26 2016 +0200

    Update device drivers for highmem support
    Unconditionally use bounce buffers for now.
    * linux/dev/glue/net.c (device_write): Unconditionally use a
    bounce buffer.
    * xen/block.c (device_write): Likewise.
    * xen/net.c: Include <device/ds_routines.h>.
    (device_write): Unconditionally use a bounce buffer.

commit 39fb13e762817b814aa0fc6e49305b5c0fd0c083
Author: Richard Braun <>
Date:   Wed Sep 21 00:33:35 2016 +0200

    Update Linux block layer glue code
    The Linux block layer glue code needs to use page nodes with the
    appropriate interface since their redefinition as struct list.
    * linux/dev/glue/block.c: Include <kern/list.h>.
    (struct temp_data): Define member `pages' as a struct list.
    (alloc_buffer): Update to use list_xxx functions.
    (free_buffer, INIT_DATA, device_open, device_read): Likewise.

commit 5d1258459ad618481a4f239e8ce020bdecda1d3f
Author: Richard Braun <>
Date:   Tue Sep 20 23:44:23 2016 +0200

    Rework pageout to handle multiple segments
    As we're about to use a new HIGHMEM segment, potentially much larger
    than the existing DMA and DIRECTMAP ones, it's now compulsory to make
    the pageout daemon aware of those segments.
    And while we're at it, let's fix some of the defects that have been
    plaguing pageout forever, such as throttling, and pageout of internal
    versus external pages (this commit notably introduces a hardcoded
    policy in which as many external pages are selected before considering
    internal pages).
    * kern/slab.c (kmem_pagefree_physmem): Update call to vm_page_release.
    * vm/vm_page.c: Include <kern/counters.h> and <vm/vm_pageout.h>.
    (struct vm_page_queue): New type.
    (struct vm_page_seg): Add new members `min_free_pages', `low_free_pages',
    `high_free_pages', `active_pages', `nr_active_pages', `high_active_pages',
    `inactive_pages', `nr_inactive_pages'.
    (vm_page_alloc_paused): New variable.
    (vm_page_pageable, vm_page_can_move, vm_page_remove_mappings): New 
    (vm_page_seg_alloc_from_buddy): Pause allocations and start the pageout
    daemon as appropriate.
    (vm_page_queue_init, vm_page_queue_push, vm_page_queue_remove,
    vm_page_queue_first, vm_page_seg_get, vm_page_seg_index,
    vm_page_seg_compute_pageout_thresholds): New functions.
    (vm_page_seg_init): Initialize the new segment members.
    (vm_page_seg_add_active_page, vm_page_seg_remove_active_page,
    vm_page_seg_add_inactive_page, vm_page_seg_remove_inactive_page,
    vm_page_seg_pull_active_page, vm_page_seg_pull_inactive_page,
    vm_page_seg_pull_cache_page): New functions.
    (vm_page_seg_min_page_available, vm_page_seg_page_available,
    vm_page_seg_usable, vm_page_seg_double_lock, vm_page_seg_double_unlock,
    vm_page_seg_balance_page, vm_page_seg_balance, vm_page_seg_evict,
    vm_page_seg_compute_high_active_page, vm_page_seg_refill_inactive,
    vm_page_lookup_seg, vm_page_check): New functions.
    (vm_page_alloc_pa): Handle allocation failure from VM privileged thread.
    (vm_page_info_all): Display additional segment properties.
    (vm_page_wire, vm_page_unwire, vm_page_deactivate, vm_page_activate,
    vm_page_wait): Move from vm/vm_resident.c and rewrite to use segments.
    (vm_page_queues_remove, vm_page_check_usable, vm_page_may_balance,
    vm_page_balance_once, vm_page_balance, vm_page_evict_once): New functions.
    (vm_page_evict, vm_page_refill_inactive): New functions.
    * vm/vm_page.h: Include <kern/list.h>.
    (struct vm_page): Remove member `pageq', reuse the `node' member instead,
    move the `listq' and `next' members above `vm_page_header'.
    (VM_PAGE_CHECK): Define as an alias to vm_page_check.
    (vm_page_check): New function declaration.
    (vm_page_queue_fictitious, vm_page_queue_active, vm_page_queue_inactive,
    vm_page_free_target, vm_page_free_min, vm_page_inactive_target,
    vm_page_free_reserved, vm_page_free_wanted): Remove extern declarations.
    (vm_page_external_pagedout): New extern declaration.
    (vm_page_release): Update declaration.
    (VM_PAGE_QUEUES_REMOVE): Define as an alias to vm_page_queues_remove.
    (VM_PT_PMAP, VM_PT_KMEM, VM_PT_STACK): Remove macros.
    (VM_PT_KERNEL): Update value.
    (vm_page_queues_remove, vm_page_balance, vm_page_evict,
    vm_page_refill_inactive): New function declarations.
    (vm_pageout_reserved_internal, vm_pageout_reserved_really,
    vm_pageout_burst_max, vm_pageout_burst_min, vm_pageout_burst_wait,
    vm_pageout_empty_wait, vm_pageout_pause_count, vm_pageout_pause_max,
    vm_pageout_active, vm_pageout_inactive, vm_pageout_inactive_nolock,
    vm_pageout_inactive_busy, vm_pageout_inactive_absent,
    vm_pageout_inactive_used, vm_pageout_inactive_clean,
    vm_pageout_inactive_dirty, vm_pageout_inactive_double,
    vm_pageout_inactive_cleaned_external): Remove variables.
    (vm_pageout_requested, vm_pageout_continue): New variables.
    (vm_pageout_setup): Wait for page allocation to succeed instead of
    falling back to flush, update double paging protocol with caller,
    add pageout throttling setup.
    (vm_pageout_scan): Rewrite to use the new vm_page balancing,
    eviction and inactive queue refill functions.
    (vm_pageout_scan_continue, vm_pageout_continue): Remove functions.
    (vm_pageout): Rewrite.
    (vm_pageout_start, vm_pageout_resume): New functions.
    * vm/vm_pageout.h (vm_pageout_continue, vm_pageout_scan_continue): Remove
    function declarations.
    (vm_pageout_start, vm_pageout_resume): New function declarations.
    * vm/vm_resident.c: Include <kern/list.h>.
    (vm_page_queue_fictitious): Define as a struct list.
    (vm_page_free_wanted, vm_page_external_count, vm_page_free_avail,
    vm_page_queue_active, vm_page_queue_inactive, vm_page_free_target,
    vm_page_free_min, vm_page_inactive_target, vm_page_free_reserved):
    Remove variables.
    (vm_page_external_pagedout): New variable.
    (vm_page_bootstrap): Don't initialize removed variable, update
    initialization of vm_page_queue_fictitious.
    (vm_page_replace): Call VM_PAGE_QUEUES_REMOVE where appropriate.
    (vm_page_remove): Likewise.
    (vm_page_grab_fictitious): Update to use list_xxx functions.
    (vm_page_release_fictitious): Likewise.
    (vm_page_grab): Remove pageout related code.
    (vm_page_release): Add `laundry' and `external' parameters for
    pageout throttling.
    (vm_page_grab_contig): Remove pageout related code.
    (vm_page_free_contig): Likewise.
    (vm_page_free): Remove pageout related code, update call to
    (vm_page_wait, vm_page_wire, vm_page_unwire, vm_page_deactivate,
    vm_page_activate): Move to vm/vm_page.c.

commit 783ad37f65384994dfa5387ab3847a8a4d77b90b
Author: Richard Braun <>
Date:   Tue Sep 20 22:59:42 2016 +0200

    Redefine what an external page is
    Instead of a "page considered external", which apparently takes into
    account whether a page is dirty or not, redefine this property to
    reliably mean "is in an external object".
    This commit mostly deals with the impact of this change on the page
    allocation interface.
    * i386/intel/pmap.c (pmap_page_table_page_alloc): Update call to
    * kern/slab.c (kmem_pagealloc_physmem): Use vm_page_grab instead of
    (kmem_pagefree_physmem): Use vm_page_release instead of
    * linux/dev/glue/block.c (alloc_buffer, device_read): Update call
    to vm_page_grab.
    * vm/vm_fault.c (vm_fault_page): Update calls to vm_page_grab and
    * vm/vm_map.c (vm_map_copy_steal_pages): Update call to vm_page_grab.
    * vm/vm_page.h (struct vm_page): Remove `extcounted' member.
    (vm_page_external_limit, vm_page_external_count): Remove extern
    (vm_page_convert, vm_page_grab): Update declarations.
    (vm_page_release, vm_page_grab_phys_addr): New function declarations.
    * vm/vm_pageout.c (VM_PAGE_EXTERNAL_LIMIT): Remove macro.
    (vm_page_external_target): Remove variable.
    (vm_pageout_scan): Remove specific handling of external pages.
    (vm_pageout): Don't set vm_page_external_limit and
    * vm/vm_resident.c (vm_page_external_limit): Remove variable.
    (vm_page_insert, vm_page_replace, vm_page_remove): Update external
    page tracking.
    (vm_page_convert): Remove `external' parameter.
    (vm_page_grab): Likewise. Remove specific handling of external pages.
    (vm_page_grab_phys_addr): Update call to vm_page_grab.
    (vm_page_release): Remove `external' parameter and remove specific
    handling of external pages.
    (vm_page_wait): Remove specific handling of external pages.
    (vm_page_alloc): Update call to vm_page_grab.
    (vm_page_free): Update call to vm_page_release.
    * xen/block.c (device_read): Update call to vm_page_grab.
    * xen/net.c (device_write): Likewise.

commit 38aca37c00548f9b31bf17e74ab4a36c73521782
Author: Richard Braun <>
Date:   Tue Sep 20 22:11:24 2016 +0200

    Replace vm_offset_t with phys_addr_t where appropriate
    * i386/i386/phys.c (pmap_zero_page, pmap_copy_page, copy_to_phys,
    copy_from_phys, kvtophys): Use the phys_addr_t type for physical
    * i386/intel/pmap.c (pmap_map, pmap_map_bd, pmap_destroy,
    pmap_remove_range, pmap_page_protect, pmap_enter, pmap_extract,
    pmap_collect, phys_attribute_clear, phys_attribute_test,
    pmap_clear_modify, pmap_is_modified, pmap_clear_reference,
    pmap_is_referenced): Likewise.
    * i386/intel/pmap.h (pt_entry_t): Unconditionally define as a
    (pmap_zero_page, pmap_copy_page, kvtophys): Use the phys_addr_t
    type for physical addresses.
    * vm/pmap.h (pmap_enter, pmap_page_protect, pmap_clear_reference,
    pmap_is_referenced, pmap_clear_modify, pmap_is_modified,
    pmap_extract, pmap_map_bd): Likewise.
    * vm/vm_page.h (vm_page_fictitious_addr): Declare as a phys_addr_t.
    * vm/vm_resident.c (vm_page_fictitious_addr): Likewise.
    (vm_page_grab_phys_addr): Change return type to phys_addr_t.

commit 66a878640573dd9101e3915db44408b661220038
Author: Richard Braun <>
Date:   Tue Sep 20 21:34:07 2016 +0200

    Remove phys_first_addr and phys_last_addr global variables
    The old assumption that all physical memory is directly mapped in
    kernel space is about to go away. Those variables are directly linked
    to that assumption.
    * i386/i386/model_dep.h (phys_first_addr): Remove extern declaration.
    (phys_last_addr): Likewise.
    * i386/i386/phys.c (pmap_zero_page): Use VM_PAGE_DIRECTMAP_LIMIT
    instead of phys_last_addr.
    (pmap_copy_page, copy_to_phys, copy_from_phys): Likewise.
    * i386/i386/trap.c (user_trap): Remove check against phys_last_addr.
    * i386/i386at/biosmem.c (biosmem_bootstrap_common): Don't set
    * i386/i386at/mem.c (memmmap): Use vm_page_lookup_pa to determine if
    a physical address references physical memory.
    * i386/i386at/model_dep.c (phys_first_addr): Remove variable.
    (phys_last_addr): Likewise.
    (pmap_free_pages, pmap_valid_page): Remove functions.
    * i386/intel/pmap.c: Include i386at/biosmem.h.
    (pa_index): Turn into an alias for vm_page_table_index.
    (pmap_bootstrap): Replace uses of phys_first_addr and phys_last_addr
    as appropriate.
    (pmap_virtual_space): Use vm_page_table_size instead of phys_first_addr
    and phys_last_addr to obtain the number of physical pages.
    (pmap_verify_free): Remove function.
    (valid_page): Turn this macro into an inline function and rewrite
    using vm_page_lookup_pa.
    (pmap_page_table_page_alloc): Build the pmap VM object using
    vm_page_table_size to determine its size.
    (pmap_remove_range, pmap_page_protect, phys_attribute_clear,
    phys_attribute_test): Turn page indexes into unsigned long integers.
    (pmap_enter): Likewise. In addition, use either vm_page_lookup_pa or
    biosmem_directmap_end to determine if a physical address references
    physical memory.
    * i386/xen/xen.c (hyp_p2m_init): Use vm_page_table_size instead of
    phys_last_addr to obtain the number of physical pages.
    * kern/startup.c (phys_first_addr): Remove extern declaration.
    (phys_last_addr): Likewise.
    * linux/dev/init/main.c (linux_init): Use vm_page_seg_end with the
    appropriate segment selector instead of phys_last_addr to determine
    where high memory starts.
    * vm/pmap.h: Update requirements description.
    (pmap_free_pages, pmap_valid_page): Remove declarations.
    * vm/vm_page.c (vm_page_seg_end, vm_page_boot_table_size,
    vm_page_table_size, vm_page_table_index): New functions.
    * vm/vm_page.h (vm_page_seg_end, vm_page_table_size,
    vm_page_table_index): New function declarations.
    * vm/vm_resident.c (vm_page_bucket_count, vm_page_hash_mask): Define
    as unsigned long integers.
    (vm_page_bootstrap): Compute VP table size based on the page table
    size instead of the value returned by pmap_free_pages.

commit 8322083864500f5726f4f04f80427acee4b52c9a
Author: Richard Braun <>
Date:   Tue Sep 20 20:43:34 2016 +0200

    VM: remove commented out code
    The vm_page_direct_va, vm_page_direct_pa and vm_page_direct_ptr
    functions were imported along with the new vm_page module, but
    never actually used since the kernel already has phystokv and
    kvtophys functions.


Summary of changes:
 i386/i386/model_dep.h   |    7 -
 i386/i386/phys.c        |   22 +-
 i386/i386/trap.c        |   10 -
 i386/i386at/biosmem.c   |   24 +-
 i386/i386at/mem.c       |   22 +-
 i386/i386at/model_dep.c |   22 -
 i386/intel/pmap.c       |  117 ++--
 i386/intel/pmap.h       |   12 +-
 i386/xen/xen.c          |    2 +-
 kern/slab.c             |    4 +-
 kern/startup.c          |    1 -
 linux/dev/glue/block.c  |   35 +-
 linux/dev/glue/net.c    |   63 +-
 linux/dev/init/main.c   |    2 +-
 vm/pmap.h               |   32 +-
 vm/vm_fault.c           |    8 +-
 vm/vm_map.c             |    2 +-
 vm/vm_page.c            | 1714 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------
 vm/vm_page.h            |  169 +++--
 vm/vm_pageout.c         |  690 +++----------------
 vm/vm_pageout.h         |    4 +-
 vm/vm_resident.c        |  385 +++--------
 xen/block.c             |   51 +-
 xen/net.c               |   49 +-
 24 files changed, 1974 insertions(+), 1473 deletions(-)

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