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ctubbsii pushed a commit to branch 2.0
in repository

commit 5c58b0863d771bb4f0af62d0dc3a825b0c66d6f4
Author: Christopher Tubbs <>
AuthorDate: Sun Aug 4 11:21:58 2019 -0400

    Update javadoc:aggregate config to match public API
    No longer exclude subpackages from javadoc generation for the public API
    on the website. The API was simplified in 2.0 to include all
    subpackages, and any undesired subpackages were moved to a different
    package hierarchy. So, there's no reason to exclude them in the javadoc
    configuration. With this, the javadoc:aggregate configuration matches
    the declared public API definition.
 pom.xml | 5 -----
 1 file changed, 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/pom.xml b/pom.xml
index 566f50d..7260875 100644
--- a/pom.xml
+++ b/pom.xml
@@ -1525,11 +1525,6 @@
-                <sourceFileExcludes>
-                  <sourceFileExclude>**/crypto/**/*.java</sourceFileExclude>
-                  <sourceFileExclude>**/impl/**/*.java</sourceFileExclude>
-                  <sourceFileExclude>**/thrift/**/*.java</sourceFileExclude>
-                </sourceFileExcludes>

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