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commit 8e9a70310d79dbddc30a877b98aa7fdb912873e8
Author: Arvind Shyamsundar <>
AuthorDate: Mon Apr 6 09:06:07 2020 -0700

    Add instructions for multiple TServers in 2.1.0 (#225)
    * Explains the usage of accumulo-cluster and NUM_TSERVERS
    * Adds details of filenames when running more than 1 TServer / node
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@@ -459,14 +459,41 @@ started. Also, set the these properties in 
 * {% plink %} = `true`
 * {% plink replication.receipt.service.port %} = `0`
-Multiple TabletServers cannot be started using the `accumulo-cluster` or 
`accumulo-service` commands
-at this time. The `accumulo` command must be used:
+In order to start multiple TabletServers on a node, the `accumulo` command 
must be used:
 ACCUMULO_SERVICE_INSTANCE=1 ./bin/accumulo tserver &> ./logs/tserver1.out &
 ACCUMULO_SERVICE_INSTANCE=2 ./bin/accumulo tserver &> ./logs/tserver2.out &
+#### Running multiple TabletServers per node in Accumulo 2.1.0 and later
+Starting with Accumulo 2.1.0, the `accumulo-cluster` script can be used along 
with environment
+variable `NUM_TSERVERS` as a convenient alternative to the `accumulo` command 
to start / stop
+multiple TabletServers per node. For example, the following commands can be 
used to start / stop
+2 TabletServers on the current node:
+NUM_TSERVERS=2 ./bin/accumulo-cluster start-here
+NUM_TSERVERS=2 ./bin/accumulo-cluster stop-here
+To start / stop the entire Accumulo cluster with 2 TabletServers per worker 
node, use:
+NUM_TSERVERS=2 ./bin/accumulo-cluster start
+NUM_TSERVERS=2 ./bin/accumulo-cluster stop
+Other commands like `accumulo-cluster start-tservers` and `accumulo-cluster 
stop-tservers` support
+the use of `NUM_TSERVERS` to specify the number of TabletServers per worker 
+When `accumulo-cluster` is used along with `NUM_TSERVERS` greater than 1, the 
resultant log files
+and redirected stdout / stderr files for each TabletServer running on the node 
have the instance
+number as part of their respective filenames.
+Lastly, starting with Accumulo 2.1.0 the `` script ensures that 
Accumulo metrics
+are correctly associated with the respective instance number for each 
TabletServer on a node.
 ## Logging
 Accumulo processes each write to a set of log files. By default, these logs 
are found at directory

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