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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ performance.
 ## Tuning persistence
 -   To get the best performance from Apache ActiveMQ Artemis whilst
-    using perisistent messages it is recommended that the file store
+    using persistent messages it is recommended that the file store
     is used.  Apache ActiveMQ Artemis also supports JDBC persistence,
     but there is a performance cost when persisting to a database vs 
     local disk.
diff --git a/docs/user-manual/en/ b/docs/user-manual/en/
index 9034c39..e1766cd 100644
--- a/docs/user-manual/en/
+++ b/docs/user-manual/en/
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ scalability features of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis over a simple 
REST/HTTP interfac
 The REST Interface implementation sits on top of an Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 
 as such exposes JMS like concepts via REST.
-Using the REST internface Messages can produced and consumed by sending 
+Using the REST interface Messages can be produced and consumed by sending 
 and receiving simple HTTP messages that contain the content you want to push 
around. For instance,
 here's a simple example of posting an order to an order processing queue
 express as an HTTP message:

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