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-Upon release, Apache NMS AMQP will provide an NMS layer for AMQP 1.0 support.
+### Overview
+The goal of this project is to combine the [.NET Message Service 
API]( (NMS) with
+the [Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)]( 1.0 
standard wireline protocol. Historically, the Apache community created the NMS 
API which provided a vendor agnostic .NET interface to a variety of messaging 
+The NMS API gives the flexibility to write .NET applications in C#, VB or any 
other .NET language, all while using a single API to connect to any number of 
messaging providers. The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) is an open 
and standardized internet protocol for reliably passing messages between 
applications or organizations.
+Before AMQP became a standard, organizations used proprietary wireline 
protocols to connect their systems which lead to vendor lock-in and integration 
problems when integrating with external organizations.
+The key to enabling vendor independence and mass adoption of technology is to 
combine open source APIs and standard wireline protocols which is precisely 
what this  project is all about.  Here's how AMQP 1.0 support within NMS helps 
the .NET community:
+ - __More Choice:__ As more message brokers and services implement the AMQP 
1.0 standard wireline, .NET developers and architects will have more options 
for messaging technology.
+ - __No Migration Risk:__ Since AMQP 1.0 is a wireline standard, you won't run 
into the problems that used to happen when switching between implementations.
+ - __Innovation:__ Competition is a key component of technology innovation. 
Directly competitive messaging implementations, with seamless pluggability, 
forces vendors to innovate and differentiate.
+This component is currently a work in progress, once released 
releases/downloads will linked to, please see below.
+### Contributing
+If you are a .NET developer that doesn't want to be locked into a messaging 
implementation then get engaged with this project. Here you will find the open 
source code base and please provide comments and make your own enhancements. 
+Grab the Source from git
+#### Overall Architecture
+Apache-NMS-AMQP should bridge the familiar NMS concepts to AMQP protocol 
concepts as described in the document 
+So in general most of the top level classes that implement the Apache.NMS 
interface _Connection, Session, MessageProducer,_ etc  create, manage, and 
destroy the amqpnetlite equivalent object _Connection, Session, Link,_ etc.
+#### AMQP1.0 Protocol Engine AmqpNetLite
+Apache-NMS-AMQP uses [AmqpNetLite]( as 
the underlying AMQP 1.0 transport Protocol engine. 

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