mik-laj opened a new pull request #5817: [AIRFLOW-5148] Add Google Analytics to 
the Airflow doc website (#5763)
URL: https://github.com/apache/airflow/pull/5817
   # The discussion begins in PR: https://github.com/apache/airflow/pull/5763
   Make sure you have checked _all_ steps below.
   ### Jira
   - [ ] My PR addresses the following [Airflow 
Jira](https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AIRFLOW/) issues and references 
them in the PR title. For example, "\[AIRFLOW-XXX\] My Airflow PR"
     - https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AIRFLOW-XXX
     - In case you are fixing a typo in the documentation you can prepend your 
commit with \[AIRFLOW-XXX\], code changes always need a Jira issue.
     - In case you are proposing a fundamental code change, you need to create 
an Airflow Improvement Proposal 
     - In case you are adding a dependency, check if the license complies with 
the [ASF 3rd Party License 
   ### Description
   > Asked by @aijamalnk 
   > Note from her:
   > > I've looked at Google Analytics for the Airflow site, and I noticed that:
   > > -The https://airflow.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ site has the GA code set 
   > > - The https://airflow.apache.org site does NOT have the GA code set up.
   > > So the data that we're getting on GA is not complete. 
   > > It would be really helpful to fix it soon, before we start revamping the 
website to understand the changes user behavior (I am signing a contract with a 
vendor next week)
   The previous PR has been merged and reverted, so I create PR again with the 
same change to discuss it. Any comment on PR #5763 sends an email to all the 
committers across all Apache projects, so please do not comment. @kaxil have 
locked down the conversation but that would still allow anyone with write 
access to the repo to be able to comment on it.
   ### Tests
   - [ ] My PR adds the following unit tests __OR__ does not need testing for 
this extremely good reason:
   ### Commits
   - [ ] My commits all reference Jira issues in their subject lines, and I 
have squashed multiple commits if they address the same issue. In addition, my 
commits follow the guidelines from "[How to write a good git commit 
     1. Subject is separated from body by a blank line
     1. Subject is limited to 50 characters (not including Jira issue reference)
     1. Subject does not end with a period
     1. Subject uses the imperative mood ("add", not "adding")
     1. Body wraps at 72 characters
     1. Body explains "what" and "why", not "how"
   ### Documentation
   - [ ] In case of new functionality, my PR adds documentation that describes 
how to use it.
     - All the public functions and the classes in the PR contain docstrings 
that explain what it does
     - If you implement backwards incompatible changes, please leave a note in 
the [Updating.md](https://github.com/apache/airflow/blob/master/UPDATING.md) so 
we can assign it to a appropriate release
   ### Code Quality
   - [ ] Passes `flake8`

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