BasPH commented on a change in pull request #5815: [AIRFLOW-5210] Make finding 
template files more efficient

 File path: airflow/models/
 @@ -717,26 +717,27 @@ def prepare_template(self):
     def resolve_template_files(self):
         # Getting the content of files for template_field / template_ext
-        for attr in self.template_fields:
-            content = getattr(self, attr, None)
-            if content is None:
-                continue
-            elif isinstance(content, str) and \
-                    any([content.endswith(ext) for ext in self.template_ext]):
-                env = self.get_template_env()
-                try:
-                    setattr(self, attr, env.loader.get_source(env, content)[0])
-                except Exception as e:
-                    self.log.exception(e)
-            elif isinstance(content, list):
-                env = self.dag.get_template_env()
-                for i in range(len(content)):
-                    if isinstance(content[i], str) and \
-                            any([content[i].endswith(ext) for ext in 
-                        try:
-                            content[i] = env.loader.get_source(env, 
-                        except Exception as e:
-                            self.log.exception(e)
+        if self.template_ext:
 Review comment:
   The way I read it, this method iterates over all `template_fields` and if it 
finds a field value with an extension listed in `template_exts`, runs 
`env.loader.get_source(...)` and sets the result on the specific field.
   It indeed scans over all `template_fields` even if `template_exts` is empty, 
which doesn't make sense so I think this is a valid change.

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