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Breeze documentation from GSOD
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 File path: BREEZE.rst
 @@ -474,61 +453,47 @@ Run pylint checks for all files:
      ./breeze --static-check-all-files pylint
-The ``license`` check is also run via separate script and separate docker 
image containing
+The ``license`` check is run via a separate script and a separate docker image 
containing the 
 Apache RAT verification tool that checks for Apache-compatibility of licences 
within the codebase.
-It does not take pre-commit parameters as extra args.
+It does not take pre-commit parameters as extra arguments.
 .. code-block:: bash
      ./breeze --static-check-all-files licenses
-Building the documentation
-The documentation is build using ``-O``, ``--build-docs`` command:
-.. code-block:: bash
-     ./breeze --build-docs
-Results of the build can be found in ``docs/_build`` folder. Often errors 
during documentation generation
-come from the docstrings of auto-api generated classes. During the docs 
building auto-api generated
-files are stored in ``docs/_api`` folder - so that in case of problems with 
documentation you can
-find where the problems with documentation originated from.
-Running tests directly from host
+Running Tests Directly from the Host
 Review comment:
   I don't see any 'from the host' specifics below. does it mean running tests 
outside the container?

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