ashb commented on a change in pull request #6655: [AIRFLOW-6056] Allow 
EmrAddStepsOperator to accept job_flow_name as alternative to job_flow_id

 File path: airflow/contrib/operators/
 @@ -28,33 +28,57 @@ class EmrAddStepsOperator(BaseOperator):
     :param job_flow_id: id of the JobFlow to add steps to. (templated)
     :type job_flow_id: str
+    :param job_flow_name: name of the JobFlow to add steps to. Use as an 
alternative to passing
+        job_flow_id. will search for id of JobFlow with matching name in one 
of the states in
+        param cluster_states. Exactly one cluster like this should exist or 
will fail. (templated)
+    :type job_flow_name: str
+    :param cluster_states: Acceptable cluster states when searching for 
JobFlow id by param job_flow_name. (templated)
+    :type cluster_states: list
     :param aws_conn_id: aws connection to uses
     :type aws_conn_id: str
     :param steps: boto3 style steps to be added to the jobflow. (templated)
     :type steps: list
+    :param do_xcom_push: if True, job_flow_id is pushed to XCom with key 
+    :type do_xcom_push: bool
-    template_fields = ['job_flow_id', 'steps']
+    template_fields = ['job_flow_id', 'job_flow_name', 'cluster_states', 
     template_ext = ()
     ui_color = '#f9c915'
     def __init__(
-            self,
-            job_flow_id,
-            aws_conn_id='aws_default',
-            steps=None,
-            *args, **kwargs):
+        self,
+        job_flow_id=None,
+        job_flow_name=None,
+        cluster_states=None,
+        aws_conn_id='s3_default',
+        steps=None,
+        *args, **kwargs):
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