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 @@ -938,17 +838,93 @@ The 'properties' and 'jars' properties for the Dataproc 
related operators (`Data
 and `dataproc_jars`respectively.
 Arguments for dataproc_properties dataproc_jars
-### Failure callback will be called when task is marked failed
-When task is marked failed by user or task fails due to system failures - on 
failure call back will be called as part of clean up
+## Airflow 1.10.7
-See [AIRFLOW-5621]( for 
+### Changes in experimental API execution_date microseconds replacement
+The default behavior was to strip the microseconds (and milliseconds, etc) off 
of all dag runs triggered by
+by the experimental REST API.  The default behavior will change when an 
explicit execution_date is
+passed in the request body.  It will also now be possible to have the 
execution_date generated, but
+keep the microseconds by sending `replace_microseconds=false` in the request 
body.  The default
+behavior can be overridden by sending `replace_microseconds=true` along with 
an explicit execution_date
+### Viewer won't have edit permissions on DAG view.
+### Renamed "extra" requirements for cloud providers
+Subpackages for specific services have been combined into one variant for
+each cloud provider. The name of the subpackage for the Google Cloud Platform
+has changed to follow style.
+If you want to install integration for Microsoft Azure, then instead of
+pip install 
+you should execute `pip install 'apache-airflow[azure]'`
+If you want to install integration for Amazon Web Services, then instead of
+`pip install 'apache-airflow[s3,emr]'`, you should execute `pip install 
+If you want to install integration for Google Cloud Platform, then instead of
+`pip install 'apache-airflow[gcp_api]'`, you should execute `pip install 
+The old way will work until the release of Airflow 2.1.
+## Airflow 1.10.6
+### BaseOperator::render_template function signature changed
+Previous versions of the `BaseOperator::render_template` function required an 
`attr` argument as the first
+positional argument, along with `content` and `context`. This function 
signature was changed in 1.10.6 and
+the `attr` argument is no longer required (or accepted).
+In order to use this function in subclasses of the `BaseOperator`, the `attr` 
argument must be removed:
+result = self.render_template('myattr', self.myattr, context)  # Pre-1.10.6 
+result = self.render_template(self.myattr, context)  # Post-1.10.6 call
+### Changes to `aws_default` Connection's default region
+The region of Airflow's default connection to AWS (`aws_default`) was 
+set to `us-east-1` during installation.
+The region now needs to be set manually, either in the connection screens in
+Airflow, via the `~/.aws` config files, or via the `AWS_DEFAULT_REGION` 
+### Some DAG Processing metrics have been renamed
+The following metrics are deprecated and won't be emitted in Airflow 2.0:
+- `scheduler.dagbag.errors` and `dagbag_import_errors` -- use 
`dag_processing.import_errors` instead
+- `dag_file_processor_timeouts` -- use `dag_processing.processor_timeouts` 
+- `collect_dags` -- use `dag_processing.total_parse_time` instead
+- `dag.loading-duration.<basename>` -- use 
`dag_processing.last_duration.<basename>` instead
+- `dag_processing.last_runtime.<basename>` -- use 
`dag_processing.last_duration.<basename>` instead
 ## Airflow 1.10.5
 No breaking changes.
 ## Airflow 1.10.4
+### Export MySQL timestamps as UTC
+`MySqlToGoogleCloudStorageOperator` now exports TIMESTAMP columns as UTC
+by default, rather than using the default timezone of the MySQL server.
+This is the correct behavior for use with BigQuery, since BigQuery
+assumes that TIMESTAMP columns without time zones are in UTC. To
+preserve the previous behavior, set `ensure_utc` to `False.`
+### Changes to GoogleCloudStorageHook
+* The following parameters have been replaced in all the methods in GCSHook:
+  * `bucket` is changed to `bucket_name`
+  * `object` is changed to `object_name`
+* The `maxResults` parameter in `GoogleCloudStorageHook.list` has been renamed 
to `max_results` for consistency.
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