kaxil commented on a change in pull request #7454: [AIRFLOW-6833] HA for 
webhdfs connection
URL: https://github.com/apache/airflow/pull/7454#discussion_r397873922

 File path: airflow/providers/apache/hdfs/hooks/webhdfs.py
 @@ -56,27 +57,35 @@ def __init__(self, webhdfs_conn_id='webhdfs_default', 
     def get_conn(self):
         Establishes a connection depending on the security mode set via config 
or environment variable.
         :return: a hdfscli InsecureClient or KerberosClient object.
         :rtype: hdfs.InsecureClient or hdfs.ext.kerberos.KerberosClient
-        connections = self.get_connections(self.webhdfs_conn_id)
+        connection = self._find_valid_server()
+        if connection is None:
+            raise AirflowWebHDFSHookException("Failed to locate the valid 
+        return connection
+    def _find_valid_server(self):
+        connections = self.get_connections(self.webhdfs_conn_id)
         for connection in connections:
+            host_socket = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
+            self.log.info("Trying to connect to %s:%s", connection.host, 
-                self.log.debug('Trying namenode %s', connection.host)
-                client = self._get_client(connection)
-                client.status('/')
-                self.log.debug('Using namenode %s for hook', connection.host)
-                return client
+                conn_check = host_socket.connect_ex((connection.host, 
+                if conn_check == 0:
+                    self.log.info('Trying namenode %s', connection.host)
+                    client = self._get_client(connection)
+                    client.status('/')
+                    self.log.info('Using namenode %s for hook', 
+                    host_socket.close()
+                    return client
+                else:
+                    self.log.info("Could not connect to %s:%s", 
connection.host, connection.port)
+                host_socket.close()
             except HdfsError as hdfs_error:
-                self.log.debug('Read operation on namenode %s failed with 
error: %s',
-                               connection.host, hdfs_error)
-        hosts = [connection.host for connection in connections]
-        error_message = 'Read operations failed on the namenodes 
-            hosts='\n'.join(hosts))
-        raise AirflowWebHDFSHookException(error_message)
+                self.log.info('Read operation on namenode %s failed with 
error: %s',
 Review comment:
   Wait, if there is an HDFS error, doesn't the host_socket need to closed? 

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