holdenk opened a new pull request #4360: [AIRFLOW-1191] Simplify override of 
spark submit command
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-airflow/pull/4360
   This will better support distros which ship spark 1 & 2 ( and eventually 3)
   Make sure you have checked _all_ steps below.
   ### Jira
   - [ X ] My PR addresses the following [Airflow 
Jira](https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AIRFLOW/) issues and references 
them in the PR title. For example, "\[AIRFLOW-XXX\] My Airflow PR"
     - https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AIRFLOW-XXX
     - In case you are fixing a typo in the documentation you can prepend your 
commit with \[AIRFLOW-XXX\], code changes always need a Jira issue.
   ### Description
   - [ X ] Here are some details about my PR, including screenshots of any UI 
   Adds a spark_binary param to the spark submit operator to allow folks to 
more easily configure the operator to use a different binary, as is needed for 
some distros of the Hadoop ecosystem which ship multiple version of Spark.
   ### Tests
   - [ X ] My PR adds the following unit tests __OR__ does not need testing for 
this extremely good reason:
   Updates the existing test_spark_submit_operator to check for override
   ### Commits
   - [ X ] My commits all reference Jira issues in their subject lines, and I 
have squashed multiple commits if they address the same issue. In addition, my 
commits follow the guidelines from "[How to write a good git commit 
     1. Subject is separated from body by a blank line
     1. Subject is limited to 50 characters (not including Jira issue reference)
     1. Subject does not end with a period
     1. Subject uses the imperative mood ("add", not "adding")
     1. Body wraps at 72 characters
     1. Body explains "what" and "why", not "how"
   ### Documentation
   - [ X ] In case of new functionality, my PR adds documentation that 
describes how to use it.
     - When adding new operators/hooks/sensors, the autoclass documentation 
generation needs to be added.
     - All the public functions and the classes in the PR contain docstrings 
that explain what it does
   docstring update
   ### Code Quality
   - [ ] Passes `flake8`

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