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Add a note to the debug section about how to do it with docker


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--- a/Allura/docs/development/contributing.rst
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@@ -186,11 +186,23 @@ foreground::
     # taskd
     pkill "^taskd"; paster taskd development.ini --nocapture
-Make a request to the web app, and when your line of code is hit, a debug
+Then make a request to the web app, and when your line of code is hit, a debug
 session will start on the console where the process is running.
 For more information about using ``pdb``, see the `official documentation
+<>`_.  ``ipdb`` is version of ``pdb`` 
+support for IPython's tab completion, syntax highlighting etc.  Other debugger 
packages such
+as ``pudb`` are also available.
+.. note::
+   To do this with docker, the commands are::
+       docker-compose run web pip install ipdb
+       docker-compose stop web taskd
+       docker-compose run --service-ports web gunicorn --reload --paste 
+       docker-compose run taskd paster taskd docker-dev.ini --nocapture

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