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jonathanhurley pushed a change to branch audit_logging
in repository

     was 716b45c  Add ambari property to switch auditlog

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard 716b45c  Add ambari property to switch auditlog
 discard 0a1e572  Use EventBus instead of BufferedAuditLogger custom 
 discard 1678b34  Optimize and fix request status change
 discard dfc98fa  Unit test fix
 discard 9360f94  Fixes for review comments
 discard 9ca5907  Move auditlog related bindings from ControllerModule to 
 discard 565c2ea  Fix for review comments: package refactor, javadoc, 
 discard d3d24a1  Move StartOperationAuditEvent to request package
 discard 431e977  Property name fix
 discard a3bdddd  Unit test fix
 discard 1b1b3bc  Refactor and cleanup
 discard 5e0e6a2  Adding forbidden status code to unauthorized event creator
 discard bc8ea68  Operation message fix for service start and stop
 discard b644807  Change message of auditlog login event
 discard 56efb57  Remove privileges part of the audit message when a user logs 
 discard a885ef5  Kerberos related audit events
 discard 4abfc3e  Ignore validation and recommendation requests during audit 
 discard a4a1fa9  Upgrade audit event creator
 discard 872f85c  Update and UpdateItem audit event creators
 discard 5f7cada  Add delete component operation message and enhance it when 
querystring is set
 discard 9776661  Fix imports
 discard b07aa18  Component addition to host audit event
 discard d9ef0ee  Host audit event creator
 discard 0024cfa  Alert target (=notification) audit event creator
 discard 85f26fa  Alert group event creator
 discard 3149884  Cluster name change audit log event
 discard 2ece936  Repository version creator
 discard 38be6ef  Repository event creator
 discard 017561f  Move events to a package
 discard bd9abb8  View pivilege event creator
 discard f514800  View instance event creator
 discard 0f31cca  Delete service event creator
 discard 81ee76e  NPE fix
 discard 2c692ab  Blueprint add and remove event creator
 discard 4a25873  Client config download event creator
 discard 1f5331e  Blueprint export event creator
 discard 2c6dc8b  User, group, privilege auditlog event creators
 discard eb48d7f  Extend configuration change audit event
 discard 76d43e1  Test fixes
 discard 9ea926f  Fix copyright text, remove <p></p> tags
 discard f9784d2  Add unautorized, service and configuration change event 
 discard f81c257  Add configuration change creator
 discard fa96cdb  Extending request audit logger framework to handle status 
codes too.
 discard dc4618e  Operator audit event message change
 discard 854d5d5  Task audit events, operation event enhancement, date fix
 discard b74c26b  use instead of new DateTime with new 
 discard 698b82d  Fix for audit logger NPE if request body parsing fails
 discard a30f8d2  Get remote IP for ambari requests
 discard 7bfd78f  remove 'audit.enabled' configuration property
 discard 252709b  added logout event
 discard d6c66f6  Add OperationEventCreator to handle operation related requests
 discard eaf84bd  RequestAuditEvent now extends AbstractUserAuditEvent, so now 
it has username and remote ip fields too
 discard 9f61c13  Add missing license comment
 discard f2660db  format privileges for audit logging
 discard f2aa508  fixed authorization audit logging
 discard 4ab3dae  refactor requestutils
 discard c3ed570  removed auth success event & added roles/privileges to login
 discard cbcb8fa  Fix BufferedAuditLogger injection
 discard 39c0e06  Hook BufferedAuditLogger into ambari-server
 discard b8f025c  added RequestUtils
 discard 9aaa0f7  Improve default request event creator and fix unit tests
 discard 0f958f1  RequestAuditLogger framework and a default implementation
 discard d416f0c  Audit logger

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