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    omit 3a1ac6d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/trunk' into trunk
    omit 2aacb77  Revert "AMBARI-25168 : Need to add stack feature constant for removal."
    omit aa2f55e  AMBARI-25168 : Need to add stack feature constant for removal.
    omit 5b33104  AMBARI-25139. Cover all not covered common views
    omit 4a22c3e  AMBARI-25150 Implement additional error reporting for 
ambari-web unit tests. (ababiichuk)
    omit acd302f  AMBARI-25148 Cover views of Widget Create wizard with unit 
    omit cdd00bb  AMBARI-25149. Cover all not covered common views
    omit f925abe  AMBARI-24958 Ambari YARN Queue Manager allows duplicate names 
when using rename functionality (asnaik) (#2659)
    omit 84c6bb8  AMBARI-25139 Yarn Capacity Scheduler Authorization issues due 
to AuthToLocal Rules (asnaik) (#2807)
    omit e466cf2  AMBARI-25145. Cover controllers of High Availability wizard 
with unit tests
    omit 784e1ff  AMBARI-25144. Cover config history controller with unit tests
    omit c4e483e  AMBARI-25135. Cover service mixin with unit tests
    omit 152d2cb  AMBARI-25134. Cover controller of widget edit with unit tests
    omit d1c31d9  AMBARI-24981. JournalNode may fail to start due to unreadable 
config file (#2679)
    omit 1b72270  AMBARI-25142 Typo in ambari-server 'setup-security' help text 
    omit c87c755  AMBARI-25143 Remove unused models from ambari-web. 
    omit 2b185fb  AMBARI-25096 Cluster Installation fails when installing the 
cluster via Redhat satellite repositories (no internet connectivity Cluster)  
    omit 8e380b8  AMBARI-25138 Cover mappers files with unit tests. (ababiichuk)
    omit 7e8881d  AMBARI-25020. Allow unattended mpack install with purge 
    omit 1f8761d  AMBARI-25140 Cover widget mixin with unit tests
    omit d219d03  [AMBARI-25131] Alert notification properties are wiped after 
enabling/disabling the notification (dsen) (#2786)
    omit 1c04d50  AMBARI-25116. Fix other strange and buggy code (dlysnichenko) 
    omit 6abc7f4  AMBARI-25133. StackAdvisorAdapterTest result depends on 
method execution order (#2795)
    omit 6c0cf0b  AMBARI-25132. Cover metric view
    omit a6171a7  AMBARI-25117. getAsPost requests don't work when ambari is 
used behind knox proxy (amagyar) (#2775)
    omit e56ae38  AMBARI-24606. Deleting a service should do a better job of 
cleaning up the Ambari DB. (#2784)
    omit c27d777  AMBARI-25128 Cover widget mixin with unit tests
    omit 0bbad89  AMBARI-25123. /var/lib/ambari-agent/cache not updating 
(Ambari 2.7) (aonishuk)
    omit 9875862  AMBARI-25111. Intermittent ConcurrentModificationException 
exception during STOMP message emitting. (#2776)
    omit 94450eb  AMBARI-25122 UI unit tests are sometimes failing. (ababiichuk)
    omit 8bebd21  AMBARI-25121. Cover editable list view
    omit eb5eca4  AMBARI-25121. Cover editable list view
    omit 7fc5173  AMBARI-25120. Cover Assign Master Components Views
    omit 2994e87  AMBARI-25112 Cover errors utils with unit tests. (ababiichuk)
    omit 903ac50  AMBARI-25116. Bug at AbstractProviderModule class 
(dlysnichenko) (#2774)
    omit 73ff494  AMBARI-25110. Broken link to Query Parameters (#2772)
    omit 4f49085  AMBARI-24745. Enable encryption of sensitive data in Ambari 
DB using … (#2755)
    omit c0d9e73  AMBARI-25108 Cover views of the modals with unit tests
    omit d0999b6  AMBARI-25109. Cover onefs view
    omit fd3608c  [AMBARI-25106] Add Ozone JMX ports (dsen)
    omit e74430b  AMBARI-25105. Cover views of the JournalNode wizard with unit 
    omit c8ec1ee  AMBARI-25069 - Ambari wrties Empty baseurl values written to 
Repo Files when using a local repository causing stack installation failure 
    omit a031741  AMBARI-25103 Duplicate title on YARN summary page. 
    omit 68458cb  AMBARI-25065 - Unable to add user in views 'grant permissions'
    omit 62fa866  AMBARI-25043. Make sure we mask password properties when 
fetching sensitive Ambari configuration via the API (just like we do it for 
service configs) (#2763)
    omit aaeadf8  AMBARI-25102 Dasboard metrics will not load for ambari user 
which has dot in their username.
    omit dd4e977  AMBARI-25097 Cover views of reassign wizard with unit tests
    omit bc65b28  Delete
    omit 4cfd4fb  Delete
    omit 34b1d13  Delete
    omit 64693ef  AMBARI-25095. fails after upgrade 
on gce controller (aonishuk)
    omit 77c0381  AMBARI-25094 Remove Flume Live widget from Ambari, alongside 
the Flume service during upgrade to HDP3. (ababiichuk)
    omit 5854297  AMBARI-25091 Cover flume metric graphs with unit tests
    omit 57d8f9f  AMBARI-25061. Refactor AddServiceInfo to use a builder (#2756)
    omit 4168086  [AMBARI-25088] Enable Kerberos fails when Ambari server is 
not on a registered host
    omit db9b218  [AMBARI-25086] Upgrading Using a Modified Default Version 
Repository Fails on Some Services (#2754)
    omit 1f8ba86  AMBARI-25084. Delete identities fails when removing service 
in reverse order (amagyar) (#2751)
    omit cdea228  AMBARI-25085. Cover hdfs widgets view
    omit 0d4efba  AMBARI-25082 Cover HA wizard controller with unit tests
    omit 9651b81  [AMBARI-25079] SPI Needs to Expose Gson (#2749)
    omit 8f61faf  AMBARI-25076 Select Service page: Show Yarn and MR2 as 
separate services for selection instead of single selection (Yarn+MapReduce2)
    omit f8b8a93  AMBARI-25019. Update Ambari audit logger to handle proxied 
users (dly… (#2702)
    omit 6415a37  AMBARI-24974. Sometimes Task Log is not refreshed in UI after 
operation completes. (#2747)
    omit 8189ec6  AMBARI-25034 Ambari is not updating core-site : 
"ha.zookeeper.quorum"once a zookeeper server is added or removed (asnaik) 
    omit e3fc633  AMBARI-24974. Sometimes Task Log is not refreshed in UI after 
operation completes. (mpapirkovskyy) (#2745)
    omit b4329e0  AMBARI-24978. Improve message order preserving. 
    omit 4b4d4c8  AMBARI-25066 Update AngularJS version to 1.7.5 due to known 
    omit dcd33c5  AMBARI-25066 Update AngularJS version to 1.7.5 due to known 
    omit eb8c69b  AMBARI-25043. Sensitive Ambari configuration values are 
encrypted in Ambari Server DB (#2742)
    omit ab6328b  [AMBARI-25059] SPI Upgrade Improvements For Web Calls And 
Required Plugins (#2737)
    omit f937d5c  [AMBARI-25062] Optionally execute the post user creation hook 
on existing users during LDAP sync
    omit b0f0ff1  Restarting Ambari Server Fails Due to Recursive Injection of 
STOMPUpdatePublisher. (mpapirkovskyy) (#2740)
    omit 8dc271a  AMBARI-25006. Support component-level provision_action in Add 
Service request (#2725)
    omit d97ff3d  AMBARI-25058 Ambari Admin doesn't redirect user to login page 
if auth session becomes invalidated. (ababiichuk)
    omit 394adb0  AMBARI-25056. Fixing typo for ldap-manage-services (#2735)
    omit e5b1a8f  AMBARI-25053. Validate SQL schema creation scripts with 
Docker containers (#2728)
    omit aa2be3d  AMBARI-25055 JS error after starting stack downgrade
    omit 7e52a0a  AMBARI-25052 Unable to Add Services Due to toMapByProperty()
    omit e8b76c9  [AMBARI-25050] Create Ambari Setting to Control VDF 
Filesystem Access (#2729)
    omit 9859920  AMBARI-25049. Cover rm_ha_config_initializer
    omit ae43060  AMBARI-25048 Update momentum.js version to 2.22.2 due to 
known vulnerabilities
    omit 2c7fe03  AMBARI-25045 UI logic for component dependencies needs to be 
modified to use the type field
    omit 329d617  AMBARI-25024 Config recommendation for add service request 
(benyoka) (#2704)
    omit 1104f46  AMBARI-25013. New kerberos-env property to allow 
auth_to_local rules for non installed service components (#2721)
    omit a31baf1  AMBARI-25041. Scale hosts does not install component if 
service is in maintenance mode (#2720)
    omit c2b98f6  AMBARI-25039. Parse error should be reported as Bad Request 
    omit 5811e31  AMBARI-25037. Allow skipping parts of Add Service request 
validation (#2717)
    omit 60233ee  AMBARI-25042 Cover host component view with unit tests
    omit 53ca67a  AMBARI-25040. Handle blueprint/VDF stack version mismatch 
    omit b84f92c  [AMBARI-25036] Update Stack Classloader Loading Pattern 
    omit b748ed1  AMBARI-25000. START_ONLY provision action may be applied to 
the wrong component (#2708)
    omit 27626c9  AMBARI-25030. Improve component-host association syntax in 
Add Service request (#2711)
    omit 670d18c  AMBARI-25033. Layout recommendation adds unwanted components 
    omit 49fbef6  AMBARI-25035. Cover nn_ha_config_intializer
    omit 065292e  AMBARI-25032 Cover Service controllers with unit tests
    omit 5470c6e  AMBARI-25031. Infra cluster fails to start if fs.defaultsFS 
is set to file:/// (aonishuk)
    omit 57ba5208 AMBARI-25007. Process Kerberos descriptor for Add Service 
request (#2705)
    omit 081a389  AMBARI-25025. Duplicate kerberos_descriptor name reported as 
HTTP 500 (#2707)
    omit a15ffb5  AMBARI-25018. End users should be able to execute setup-ldap 
tool without manual intervention (#2706)
    omit ccbccaf  [AMBARI-25023] Admin View cannot be Deployed Due to META-INF 
Ordering (#2703)
    omit 2f05968  [AMBARI-25003] Starting JPA persistence service sometimes 
throws IllegalStateException
    omit d8ed4ef  [AMBARI-25002] Allow Stack To Define Custom Rolling 
Orchestration Logic (#2695)
    omit 435d552  AMBARI-25008. Set unique version tag for config created by 
Add Service (#2699)
    omit c6a6ed2  AMBARI-25011. Cover move_rm_config_initializer
    omit da613df  AMBARI-25010. Cover move_namenode_config_initializer
    omit 10c7a2a  AMBARI-24996. Hostname update command does not work if the 
new hostna… (#2688)
    omit 20ccb5f  AMBARI-25005. Ambari hides information about cred_store 
generation failures. Resulting in confusing errors at later stages (aonishuk)
    omit 2e5e069  AMBARI-25004. Directory/File creation hangs if relative path 
is supplied with cd_access (aonishuk)
    omit 3b01b61  AMBARI-24992. Updated ambari_configuration.property_value to 
support longer input (#2694)
    omit 349ac56  AMBARI-24999. Disallow changing Kerberos-related configs in 
Add Service request (#2693)
    omit efcf93d  AMBARI-24988. Support provision_action in complex Add Service 
request (#2691)
    omit 6cb5468  AMBARI-24998 Not supported actions(like Start/Stop) should 
not be shown for HDFS/YARN clients in WL cluster with externalized HDFS/YARN
    omit 1a71cb0  AMBARI-24986. Using Ambari server's CLI to enable/disable 
Trusted Proxy support (#2683)
    omit ebeb464  AMBARI-24982. APT/DPKG existence check broken for packages 
with long names. (#2680)
    omit 5054c59  [AMBARI-24994] Updates to the SPI for Upgrade Action 
Operations (#2687)
    omit 0268480  AMBARI-24991. Commands timeout if stdout has non-unicode 
symbols. (aonishuk)
    omit 1dde0dc  AMBARI-24989 Knox: Reorder of query parameters breaks Ambari 
logic for retrieving configs
    omit 7bb8f66  AMBARI-24990. Cover move_hm_config_inititializer
    omit 931eb0b  [AMBARI-24985] Handle requests from a configured trusted 
proxy to identify a proxied user using Kerberos
    omit 045ce2b  AMBARI-24972. Improve Add Service request validation. (#2670)
    omit 6e67372  AMBARI-24967. Documented Ambari's LDAP configuration (#2674)
    omit 65dd29c  AMBARI-24977 Loading on Dashboard stuck
    omit c68b424  [AMBARI-24955] Create Tproxy configuration provider and 
supporting infrastructure
    omit a6fd61e  AMBARI-24973. Cover hosts baser initializer
    omit 98e9b1f  [AMBARI-24965] Expose Upgrade Custom Server Actions via an 
Ambari Client Library (#2663)
    omit 8d2a799  AMBARI-24964 stack advisor layout recommendation for add 
service request (benyoka) (#2662)
    omit 97bc242  [AMBARI-24971] HDFS datanode process fails with class not 
found exception when installed with OZONE  (#2668)
    omit c2c7a33  AMBARI-24966 Start Namenode failing during Move master NN 
wizard on non-HA cluster with custom hdfs service user
    omit d3052b6  AMBARI-24796. Intermittent CredentialStoreTest test failure. 
(mpapirkovskyy) (#2661)
    omit 054b105  AMBARI-24962 Summary panel should not have any information if 
only client component is installed in a cluster
    omit 5e67836  AMBARI-24947. Support for complex Add Service request in 
secure cluster (#2653)
    omit c58f4a6  AMBARI-24960. Removing warning about requirement for IPA 
password policy (#2657)
    omit 27626da  AMBARI-24930. Recommendation configs request was failed with 
custom config group. (#2637)
    omit 3707076  AMBARI-24951. New CLI option and question to populate 
existing 'ambari.ldap.attributes.user.group_member_attr' Ambari configuration 
property (#2656)
    omit e1f542d  AMBARI-24921 If service does not have client service 
component created then "Run Service Check" option should be made hidden (second 
    omit 5217025  [AMBARI-24914] Block Ozone datanode co-location with HDFS 
Datanode when added though the API - additional fix (dsen) (#2654)
    omit a284489  AMBARI-24951. Using Ambari CLI to specify which services 
should be setup for LDAP integration (#2652)
    omit a8fad6b  AMBARI-24922. No need to create test jar if tests are 
skipped. (#2630)
    omit cfe3329  AMBARI-22643. Trying to create some duplicate resources leads 
to HTTP 500 (#2650)
    omit 4f94024  AMBARI-24954 Counter installedClients for AMBARI_INFRA_SOLR 
is null
    omit 78cc34d  AMBARI-24948. Test ordering issue in 
ExecutionCommandWrapperTest. (#2649)
    omit 3636f7e  AMBARI-24936. Validate cluster name character and length 
requirements in the backend before creating or updating a cluster - address 
review comments (dlysnichenko)
    omit 2e8869d  AMBARI-24936. Validate cluster name character and length 
requirements in the backend before creating or updating a cluster (dlysnichenko)
    omit 55c82c7  AMBARI-24931. Bug at MetricsCollectorHAManager class. 
(mpapirkovskyy) (#2641)
    omit fd5cef5  AMBARI-24944. Cover cluster metric cpu view
    omit 1ed919d  [AMBARI-24923] Create tproxy-configuration category in Ambari 
Configurations data (#2645)
    omit 5a3496e  [AMBARI-24938] quick link profiles can override link url 
(benyoka) (#2646)
    omit db655ab  AMBARI-24942. Dir creation fails if webhdfs is enabled 
    omit da447f9  AMBARI-24936. Fix suspicious code spotted while working on 
AMBARI-24936 - address review comments (dlysnichenko)
    omit 30d0eca  AMBARI-24936. Fix suspicious code spotted while working on 
    omit eb43736  [AMBARI-24914] Block Ozone datanode co-location with HDFS 
Datanode when added though the API (dsen) (#2623)
    omit 3c3d73b  AMBARI-24927. Adding LDAP integration support information to 
service information via Ambari's REST API (#2644)
    omit 9ce6dbf  AMBARI-24934. Accept legacy JSON configuration in Add Service 
request (#2640)
    omit 5eacfb5  AMBARI-24926. Apply user-defined configuration for Add 
Service request. (#2639)
    omit 7e94d62  AMBARI-24916. Add setup-jdbc command (#2634)
    omit 78c1172  AMBARI-24842. BE: Performance Tune Hosts Pages 
(mpapirkovskyy) (#2635)
    omit bb4e616  AMBARI-24929. Cover custom cluster checks views
    omit c67df32  AMBARI-24876. BE: Performance Tune service Configs Pages. 
    omit 37878d2  AMBARI-24924. hbase fails to start if fs.defaultFS is set to 
file:/// (aonishuk)
    omit 348e221  AMBARI-24894. Sensitive service configuration values should 
be decrypted when processing the Ambari agent command script, if enabled 
(amagyar) (#2613)
    omit f64c1d4  AMBARI-24917. Implement complex Add Service request using 
default configs (#2631)
    omit 88c05d0  AMBARI-24919 external Namenode HA (benyoka) (#2625)
    omit 7ef52f3  AMBARI-24913. New LDAP related properties to indicate if 
Ambari should manage LDAP configuration for certain services (#2629)
    omit a2f2e02  AMBARI-24921 If service does not have client service 
component created then "Run Service Check" option should be made hidden
    omit 22445a6  AMBARI-24904. JAR does not exist: 
/var/lib/ambari-agent/lib/fast-hdfs-resource.jar (aonishuk)
    omit 71eca0e  Delete
    omit cfafe8a  AMBARI-24920. LocalFS (file:///) directory creation fails 
    omit 758e906  AMBARI-24905 Service display name on left navigation bar 
should be suffixed with "Client" if only client service component is present 
for a service
    omit 9ccf687  AMBARI-24908 OneFS mpack should have dfs.webhdfs.enabled = 
true (#2624)
    omit 54cc50a  Upgrade docs for 2.7.3 release
    omit 8a495fe  AMBARI-24907. Updated service metainfo to declare LDAP 
integration support (#2621)
    omit 9b4738f  AMBARI-24886 : Add stack feature constant to support Ranger 
admin users password change. (#2614)
    omit 119dcf9  [Ambari-24906] JSON validation for AddServiceRequest (#2617)
    omit 851ff9e  [AMBARI-24909] Parallel Client Fixes for Server Side Tasks 
    omit 6846f26  AMBARI-24901. Handle complex "Add Service" request in 
ServiceResourceProvider (#2611)
    omit 5283d78  AMBARI-24871 fix checkstyle violation (benyoka) (#2620)
    omit f6c0d55  AMBARI-24871. Create an Ambari-server class that is called as 
an entr… (#2589)
    omit 9828a5b  AMBARI-24905 Service display name on left navigation bar 
should be suffixed with "Client" if only client service component is present 
for a service
    omit e6723d0  AMBARI-24904. JAR does not exist: 
/var/lib/ambari-agent/lib/fast-hdfs-resource.jar (aonishuk)
    omit 171881f  AMBARI-24885 Ambari Files view not working when User doesnt 
have access to any group and just have access to Filesview

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