dependabot[bot] opened a new pull request, #52:

   Bumps [guava]( from 28.0-jre to 32.0.0-jre.
   <summary>Release notes</summary>
   <p><em>Sourced from <a 
href="";>guava's releases</a>.</em></p>
   <pre lang="xml"><code>&lt;dependency&gt;
     &lt;!-- or, for Android: --&gt;
   <h3>Jar files</h3>
   <p>Guava requires <a 
 runtime dependency</a>, which you can download here:</p>
   <li><a href="";>32.0.0-jre vs. 
href="";>32.0.0-android vs. 
 vs. 32.0.0-jre</a></li>
   <h4>Security fixes</h4>
   <li>Reimplemented <code>Files.createTempDir</code> and 
<code>FileBackedOutputStream</code> to further address CVE-2020-8908 (<a 
href="";>#4011</a>) and 
CVE-2023-2976 (<a 
   <p>While CVE-2020-8908 was officially closed when we deprecated 
<code>Files.createTempDir</code> in <a 
href="";>Guava 30.0</a>, we've 
heard from users that even recent versions of Guava have been listed as 
vulnerable in <em>other</em> databases of security vulnerabilities. In 
response, we've reimplemented the method (and the very rarely used 
<code>FileBackedOutputStream</code> class, which had a similar issue) to 
eliminate the insecure behavior entirely. This change could technically affect 
users in a number of different ways (discussed under &quot;Incompatible 
changes&quot; below), but in practice, the only problem users are likely to 
encounter is with Windows. If you are using those APIs under Windows, you 
should skip 32.0.0 and go straight to <a 
href="";>32.0.1</a> which 
fixes the problem. (Unfortunately, we didn't think of the Windows problem until 
after the release. And while w
 e <a href="";>warn that 
<code></code> in particular may not work under Windows</a>, we didn't 
intend to regress support.) Sorry for the trouble.</p>
   <h4>Incompatible changes</h4>
   <p>Although this release bumps Guava's major version number, it makes 
<strong>no binary-incompatible changes to the <code>guava</code> 
   <p>One change could cause issues for Widows users, and a few other changes 
could cause issues for users in more usual situations:</p>
   <li><strong>The new implementations of <code>Files.createTempDir</code> and 
<code>FileBackedOutputStream</code> <a 
href="";>throw an exception 
under Windows</a>.</strong> This is fixed in <a 
href="";>32.0.1</a>. Sorry 
for the trouble.</li>
   <li>This release makes a binary-incompatible change to a <code>@Beta</code> 
API in the <strong>separate artifact</strong> <code>guava-testlib</code>. 
Specifically, we changed the return type of 
<code>TestingExecutors.sameThreadScheduledExecutor</code> to 
<code>ListeningScheduledExecutorService</code>. The old return type was a 
package-private class, which caused the Kotlin compiler to produce warnings. 
   <li>This release <em>adds</em> two methods to the Android flavor of Guava: 
<code>Invokable.getAnnotatedReturnType()</code> and 
<code>Parameter.getAnnotatedType()</code>. Those methods do not work under an 
Android VM; we added them only to help our tests of the Android flavor (since 
we also run those tests under a JRE). Android VMs tolerate such methods as long 
as the app does not call them or perform reflection on them, and builds 
tolerate them because of our new Proguard configurations (discussed below). 
Thus, we expect no impact to most users. However, we could imagine build 
problems for users who have set up their own build system for the Android 
flavor of Guava. Please report any problems so that we can judge how safely we 
might be able to add other methods to the Android flavor in the future, such as 
APIs that use Java 8 classes like <code>Stream</code>. 
   <!-- raw HTML omitted -->
   <p>... (truncated)</p>
   <li>See full diff in <a 
href="";>compare view</a></li>
   <br />
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