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martin_s pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 8d7d944  use last parent

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 12806f5  import redback components sources r1724.
     new cb73747  fix license headers in poms
     new e0b49f9  move parent coordinate to apache namespace
     new 4b5cee0  upgrade modules to use last parent pom
     new 1a00a9e  fix license headers
     new dfcbc6e  upgrade plugins version
     new 054dbf1  spring 3.1.1
     new 19fab27  use fluido skin 1.2.1
     new e8aa14c  remove reference of plexus-spring in poms
     new 97c8685   move configuration in parent pom
     new d5699aa  fix svn path
     new b7acae3  upgrade javadoc version used
     new d883878  remove not anymore used module from pom
     new b4c0a58  remove not anymore used module from pom
     new d01c057  spring-utils is now a bundle
     new d72d0da  fix site deployment url
     new 5b5325c  fix site
     new e88a3a9  add ASF link
     new 9d80c4e  use archiva parent as a parent
     new 6c0b5fe  plugins moved to parent
     new 6713a9e  remove plexus naming prefix
     new dbcb2af  fix modules declaration
     new eb6fc56  doclava 1.0.5 jdk 1.5 compliant
     new 5baf3bc  add asf snapshot repo for plugins
     new c1601d1  reorder pom
     new f2a1b1a  inherit values from parent for distributionManagement setup
     new 7dd0434  slf4j 1.6.6
     new d4ebc51  add animal sniffer maven plugin
     new 85ed2e2  remove animal sniffer we are now 1.6
     new b00c762  inherit version from parent pom
     new ce0d351  execute rat plugin in the default build
     new 59386ec  use spring 3.1.2
     new f995f60  last fluido skin
     new 446c024  fix relativePath warning with maven3
     new 6b5b5a6  execution already defined
     new 8039282  execution already defined
     new 9138bb2  upgrade commons-lang
     new 85776ba  Update the rat configuration to exclude IntelliJ Idea and 
Eclipse files
     new 1e8ac4f  [MRM-1651] Complete Karaf features
     new b16e103  use last fluido skin snapshot
     new 59501d8  inherits from parent
     new e805dcc  use last maven-project-info-reports-plugin
     new e3987d7  align with surefire version used
     new 74285b0  use surefire version property from parent pom
     new 3c0f621  configure svnpub for redback-components site
     new ed2cc5d  inherits scm-svn pub configuration from parent
     new 11d832c  version inherited from parent pom
     new a65d8bd  move reporting plugin version to a property
     new 7b2b7d8  fix project name
     new 484725e  fix site deploy script
     new 7a5665d  move reporting plugins versions to parent pom
     new 9991c32  rename property to avoid issue with the one used in javadoc 
     new 2946989  fix site deployment
     new a11353e  use slf4j 1.7.0
     new df10ddf  testing log4j 2
     new 5191344  prefer o.a.l.l:logj-jcl over o.s:jcl-over-slf4j
     new 2b16fd1  slf4j 1.7.1
     new d7ff7fc  use released parent
     new 309c722  remove non needed property
     new d189a1e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-components-2.0
     new afca806  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 3fbdf10  log4j 2.0-beta1
     new 55f18e6  add our releases repo
     new e7cb5a4  last commons-configuration
     new f76ac90  last version of spring and log4j2
     new 108ada6  use last parent snapshot
     new ad69498  log4j2 beta3
     new fe0a634  last slf4j 1.7.2
     new 3f50f06  spring 3.2.0
     new 3770849  javadoc only for aggregator pom no: only aggregate on top 
     new 561d905  spring 3.2.1
     new 5fb35cf  log4j beta 4
     new d2c6534  fix site descriptor
     new a8a80ac  skip generation date for fluido skin
     new 7270e3a  use spring 3.2.2
     new 47f0c97  log4j2 2.0-beta5
     new 2e0df83  slf4j 1.7.5
     new 004e205  use staged parent release
     new 726409a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-components-2.1
     new 297fc34  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new d82afe2  back to previous snapshot version
     new fbf103a  use a staged released parent
     new b970ad1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-components-2.1
     new 3da91ab  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new d4baa15  fix various path for deployment
     new ff972a0  fix url
     new 6068099  fix comment
     new f16e7a4  log4j2 beta6 release
     new 9f0cfa4  use last parent version
     new 5ecc339  exclude .java-version from rat check
     new 7ce8a22  last log4j2 version
     new 0824d94  upgrade to last spring version
     new 56a1471  upgrade plexus-utils version
     new 6913df4  fix logo
     new ad2025e  spring 3.2.6
     new f331503  spring 4.0.0.RELEASE
     new 0b2834e  use staged released parent
     new 408c064  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-components-2.2
     new 1186677  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new bf6f4e9  log4j2 rc1 and spring 4.0.1
     new b5cff29  versions upgrade
     new 4372a32  use last parent for 1.7
     new 459fb11  add this as not anymore inherited from parent
     new d4a4837  upgrade slf4j version
     new 9548dd3  fix wrong relative path value
     new 20efc03  commons-configuration 1.10
     new 03e7ad0  spring 4.0.5
     new 91f9f46  log4j rc2
     new 416550e  release staged parent 13
     new cbd58d2  spring 4.0.6
     new 475819a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-components-2.3
     new 8fac623  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 4a1a71c  use last parent
     new e5dabf6  spring version 4.1.0 update need update to 2.4-SNAPSHOT parent
     new 8c55001  update spring version
     new 29f283f  spring version 4.1.4RELEASE
     new 47f499f  ignore  .java-version and use last staged released parent
     new c273cba  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release redback-components-2.4
     new d06c65c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 8d7d944  use last parent

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