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commit 3e3f7c2c583054ec226cb5909a9368f920eae06c
Author: rrussell <>
AuthorDate: Fri Feb 23 13:38:38 2018 +0100

    ARROW-2066: [Python] Document using pyarrow with Azure Blob Store
    Original question:
    Improvement story:
    Author: rrussell <>
    Closes #1544 from rjrussell77/arrow-2066-docs-azure-parquet and squashes 
the following commits:
    0d3972c <rrussell> Add missing byte_stream declaration/assignment
    a5addb0 <rrussell> use more common 'df' instead of 'pd' for pandas 
dataframe variable, remove head() call and instead use comment to indicate 
generic fill-in code, add comment re: stream closure in finally block
    f056888 <rrussell> Clean up white space
    1fe9866 <rrussell> Add try/except/finally blocks to ensure closure of the 
byte stream
    36f7378 <rrussell> Replace usage of tempfile buffer with BytesIO stream
    654a6f9 <rrussell> Add back original Notes bullets
    5d450fc <rrussell> fix
    4770de1 <rrussell> fix
    4c75824 <rrussell> Try moving the bullet to remove italics
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    5fbea89 <rrussell> Add a note about keys and add polish
    5365a9c <rrussell> Add helpful notes about Azure properties
    6841116 <rrussell> Polish the formatting
    eb643e4 <rrussell> ARROW-2066 Add documentation for Arrow/Azure/Parquet 
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 1 file changed, 41 insertions(+)

diff --git a/python/doc/source/parquet.rst b/python/doc/source/parquet.rst
index ac56520..3d01e1d 100644
--- a/python/doc/source/parquet.rst
+++ b/python/doc/source/parquet.rst
@@ -246,3 +246,44 @@ throughput:
    pq.read_table(where, nthreads=4)
+Reading a Parquet File from Azure Blob storage
+The code below shows how to use Azure's storage sdk along with pyarrow to read
+a parquet file into a Pandas dataframe.
+This is suitable for executing inside a Jupyter notebook running on a Python 3
+* python 3.6.2 
+* azure-storage 0.36.0 
+* pyarrow 0.8.0 
+.. code-block:: python
+   import pyarrow.parquet as pq
+   from io import BytesIO
+   from import BlockBlobService
+   account_name = '...'
+   account_key = '...'
+   container_name = '...'
+   parquet_file = 'mysample.parquet'
+   byte_stream = io.BytesIO()
+   block_blob_service = BlockBlobService(account_name=account_name, 
+   try:
+      block_blob_service.get_blob_to_stream(container_name=container_name, 
blob_name=parquet_file, stream=byte_stream)
+      df = pq.read_table(source=byte_stream).to_pandas()
+      # Do work on df ...
+   finally:
+      # Add finally block to ensure closure of the stream
+      byte_stream.close()
+* The ``account_key`` can be found under ``Settings -> Access keys`` in the 
Microsoft Azure portal for a given container
+* The code above works for a container with private access, Lease State = 
Available, Lease Status = Unlocked
+* The parquet file was Blob Type = Block blob

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