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 In addition to using type hints for type checking at pipeline construction, 
you can enable runtime type checking to check that actual elements satisfy the 
declared type constraints during pipeline execution.
-For example, the following code would pass at both pipeline construction and 
+For example, the following pipeline emits elements of the wrong type. 
Depending on the runner implementation, its execution may or may not fail at 
 {% github_sample 
 tag:type_hints_runtime_off %}```
-However, if you enable runtime type checking, the code passes at pipeline 
construction and fails at runtime. To enable runtime type checking, set the 
pipeline option `runtime_type_check` to `True`.
+However, if you enable runtime type checking, the code is guaranteed to fail 
at runtime. To enable runtime type checking, set the pipeline option 
`runtime_type_check` to `True`.
 {% github_sample 
 tag:type_hints_runtime_on %}```
+Note that because runtime type checks are done for each `PCollection` element, 
enabling this feature may incur a significant performance penalty. It is 
therefore recommended that runtime type checks are disabled for production 
 ## Use of Type Hints in Coders
 When your pipeline reads, writes, or otherwise materializes its data, the 
elements in your `PCollection` need to be encoded and decoded to and from byte 
strings. Byte strings are used for intermediate storage, for comparing keys in 
`GroupByKey` operations, and for reading from sources and writing to sinks.

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