Chuan Yu Foo created BEAM-3737:

             Summary: Key-aware batching function
                 Key: BEAM-3737
             Project: Beam
          Issue Type: New Feature
          Components: beam-model
            Reporter: Chuan Yu Foo
            Assignee: Kenneth Knowles

I have a CombineFn for which add_input has very large overhead. I would like to 
batch the incoming elements into a large batch before each call to add_input to 
reduce this overhead. In other words, I would like to do something like: 

{{elements | GroupByKey() | BatchElements() | CombineValues(MyCombineFn())}}

Unfortunately, BatchElements is not key-aware, and can't be used after a 
GroupByKey to batch elements per key. I'm working around this by doing the 
batching within CombineValues, which makes the CombineFn rather messy. It would 
be nice if there were a key-aware BatchElements transform which could be used 
in this context.

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