[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-3706] Removing SideInputs and Parameters from 

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-3706] Removing side inputs from Combine translation 

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-3706] Attempting to fix a findbug issue.

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-3706] Cleaning up side input code in Flink runner.

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-3706] Fixing issue in direct runner with side input 

[robertwb] Correctly account for keyword arguments in function calls.

[robertwb] Fix type inference for slicing.

[lcwik] Attempt to produce release artifacts.

[lcwik] Sign the published artifacts.

[lcwik] Rename a few of the projects so that the artifact names are correctly

[lcwik] Rewrite even more names.

[lcwik] fixup! fix a few names

[swegner] Add Apache header into generated POM

[lcwik] Finish renaming the projects so that they produce valid maven artifact

[lcwik] Gate signing/publishing configuration on 'release', 'publishing' project

[swegner] Use correct project description in generated pom

[swegner] Add license to generated poms

[swegner] Add scm information to generated pom

[swegner] Add JIRA information to generated pom

[swegner] Add mailing list information to generated pom

[swegner] Add developer info to generated pom files

[swegner] Add top-level metadata to generate poms

[alan.myrvold] only sign when releasing, to avoid gpg erors

[lcwik] Add exclusion rules that are defined on the configuration and the

[lcwik] Only apply maven-publish / signing plugins if actually needed.

[lcwik] Fix relocated paths after renaming modules.

[swegner] Fix Apache license header in generated POM.

[swegner] fixup: tabs -> spaces

[coheigea] Removing some null guards that are not needed

[lcwik] Publish shaded jars when signing

[lcwik] Mirate back to using compile as the dependency type since our archetypes

[lcwik] Also publish the beam-sdks-java-harness package.

[lcwik] Move signing configuration under same block that controls whether

[swegner] Add proper descriptions to generated pom files.

[lcwik] Minor description clean-ups.

[swegner] fixup: Update project name to new convention

[swegner2] Address some comments on PR/5048 (#19)

[swegner] Move generated pom configuration into build_rules.gradle.

[lcwik] [BEAM-4014] Replace the Java maven based PostCommit with a Gradle based

[amyrvold] [BEAM-3255] Move from maven to gradle with nightly builds

[github] Update job_beam_Release_Gradle_NightlySnapshot.groovy

[lcwik] [BEAM-4014] Remove previous names because this renames the existing job

[lcwik] Get Spark validates runner streaming integration tests to use the

[lcwik] Speed up Spark post commit test run speed by running 4 tests

[lcwik] [BEAM-4014] Fix project evaluation order.

[herohde] Fix bad Gradle Go examples directory

[herohde] [BEAM-4034] Fix hooks panic with Go on Flink

[lcwik] [BEAM-4014] Fix class path for examplesJavaIntegrationTest, also fix

[robertwb] Revert "Revert #4781 which broke Python postsubmits"

[robertwb] Guard side input mutation for Fn API mode only.

[ehudm] Add grpcio-tools to gradle virtualenv.

[ehudm] Allow longs as input to Timestamp.of().

[ccy] Fix missing clock bug in nested TriggerContext

[...truncated 30.23 KB...]
      o Added experimental support for import of ORC files into BigQuery.
      o Added Cloud KMS key rotating for customer-managed encryption key
        protected BigQuery tables.
      o Added --location flag to specify the geographic location in which
        BigQuery jobs will run. No changes are required for commands in the
        existing US and EU regions.

  Cloud Datalab
      o Updated the datalab component to the 20180206 release. Released
        changes are documented in its tracking issue at

  Cloud Datastore Emulator
      o Released Cloud Datastore Emulator version 1.4.1.
        * Recommended: Use the health check endpoint to confirm emulator
          startup instead of relying on the "Dev App Server is now running."
        * Fixed issue where the emulator server would close HTTP connections
          before shutting down, which was a problem for /shutdown. This issue
          can be tracked at

  Compute Engine
      o Modified the preview field to be optional when importing using gcloud
        compute security-policies import or gcloud compute security-policies

  Container Engine
      o Promoted --cluster-secondary-range-name, --create-subnetwork,
        --enable-autorepair, --enable-ip-alias, --enable-kubernetes-alpha,
        --enable-legacy-authorization, --enable-network-policy, --labels,
        --local-ssd-count, --maintenance-window,
        --enable-master-authorized-networks, --master-authorized-networks,
        --min-cpu-platform, --node-locations, --node-taints, --node-version,
        --preemptible, --service-account, --services-ipv4-cidr,
        --services-secondary-range-name of gcloud container clusters create to

      o Promoted --complete-ip-rotation, --enable-legacy-authorization,
        --enable-master-authorized-networks, --enable-network-policy,
        --logging-service, --maintenance-window, --remove-labels,
        --start-ip-rotation, --update-labels, --node-locations,
        --master-authorized-networks of gcloud container clusters update to GA.

      o Promoted --enable-autorepair, --local-ssd-count, --min-cpu-platform,
        --node-taints, --preemptible, --node-version of gcloud container
        node-pools create to GA.

      o Promoted --enable-autorepair of gcloud container node-pools update to

188.0.1 (2018-02-08)
      o Hotfix for affecting Cloud
        SDK installations in environments with inconsistent access to the
        Compute Engine metadata server.

188.0.0 (2018-02-07)
  Breaking Changes
      o **(REMOVED)** Removed deprecated gcloud service-management. Use
        gcloud endpoints and gcloud services instead.
      o **(MODIFIED)** The default trigger event behavior for
        --trigger-bucket flag on the gcloud functions deploy command will soon
        change. will replace
        providers/ as default trigger
        event. To opt-in to the new behavior early, run gcloud config set
        functions/use_new_object_trigger True.

  Cloud SDK
      o Added gcloud topic command-conventions for details on command line
        conventions and processing.

  Compute Engine
      o Promoted gcloud compute security-policies rules to beta.
      o Added --file-name and --file-format flags to gcloud compute
        security-policies create. These flags allow creating security policies
        from predefined templates by importing from the specified file.
      o Modified the default file format for gcloud compute security-policies
        import and gcloud compute security-policies export from json to yaml.

  Container Builder
      o Fixed issue where a .gcloudignore entry matching "." caused gcloud
        container builds submit to not upload any files.

  Firebase Test Lab
      o Added default`as a possible device orientation. When orientation is
        default, the most appropriate orientation for your app is picked.
        Usually, this is any app-specified orientation for the main activity or
        portrait, if none is specified in the app manifest.

  Identity and Access Management
      o **(MODIFIED)** Promoted gcloud beta iam roles, gcloud beta iam
        list-testable-permissions to GA.

      o Updated the Pubsub Emulator
        * Pubsub emulator now spams the console less.
        * Pubsub emulator properly sets the default value for

    Subscribe to these release notes at!forum/google-cloud-sdk-announce

187.0.0 (2018-01-31)
  App Engine
      o Updated the Java SDK to version 1.9.61. Please visit the following
        release notes for details:

  App Engine Flexible Environment
      o Added --use-container-optimized-os flag to gcloud alpha|beta app
        update to enable Container-Optimized OS
        ( as Flex VM base
        image by default on new deployments.

  Cloud DNS
      o Added Cloud labels flags to gcloud beta managed-zones <create|update>

  Cloud Interconnect
      o Promoted support for labels on interconnects to beta.

  Cloud PubSub
      o Added gcloud alpha pubsub snapshots describe command.

  Cloud TPU
      o Promoted gcloud compute tpus to beta.

  Compute Engine
      o Promoted gcloud compute target-vpn-gateways update and gcloud compute
    vpn-tunnels update to beta. These commands allow adding/modifying/clearing
      o Promoted stackdriver-metric flag family of gcloud compute
        instance-groups managed set-autoscaling to beta. These flags allow
        setting up per-group autoscaling and metric filtering, as well as
        provide an improved interface to the existing per-instance autoscaling.
      o Promoted --source-snapshot flag of gcloud compute images create
        command to beta. This flag allows creating images from snapshots.
      o Promoted --guest-os-features flag of gcloud compute disks create to
        beta. This flag allows create disks with additional specified GuestOS
      o Promoted --licenses flag of gcloud compute disks create to GA. This
        flag allows create disks with additional specified licenses.

  Container Builder
      o Changed gcloud container builds submit command to no longer create a
        .gcloudignore file on disk. Git files are still ignored by default, see
        gcloud topic gcloudignore to learn more.

  Container Engine
      o Promoted --accelerator flag of gcloud container clusters create and
        gcloud container node-pools create to beta.

  Container Registry
      o Removed public read-only endpoints from default registries used by
        gcloud docker and docker-credential-gcloud for authentication.

  Kubernetes Engine
      o Fixed an issue causing relative KUBECONFIG paths to fail when used
        with the gcloud container clusters get-credentials command.

      o Fixed crash when attempting to use a SOCKS proxy

#= Creating update staging area                             =#
#= Uninstalling: BigQuery Command Line Tool                 =#
#= Uninstalling: Cloud SDK Core Libraries                   =#
#= Uninstalling: Cloud SDK Core Libraries (Platform Spec... =#
#= Uninstalling: Cloud Storage Command Line Tool            =#
#= Uninstalling: gcloud cli dependencies                    =#
#= Installing: BigQuery Command Line Tool                   =#
#= Installing: Cloud SDK Core Libraries                     =#
#= Installing: Cloud SDK Core Libraries (Platform Specific) =#
#= Installing: Cloud Storage Command Line Tool              =#
#= Installing: gcloud cli dependencies                      =#
#= Creating backup and activating new installation          =#

Performing post processing steps...

Update done!

To revert your SDK to the previously installed version, you may run:
  $ gcloud components update --version 186.0.0

WARNING:   There are older versions of Google Cloud Platform tools on your 
system PATH.
  Please remove the following to avoid accidentally invoking these old tools:


Google Cloud SDK 196.0.0
bq 2.0.31
core 2018.03.30
gsutil 4.30

# Build the container
TAG=$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)
date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S$PROJECT/$USER/python
echo "Using container $CONTAINER"
Using container
./gradlew :sdks:python:container:docker$PROJECT/$USER -Pdocker-tag=$TAG
Parallel execution with configuration on demand is an incubating feature.
Applying build_rules.gradle to beam
Adding 47 .gitignore exclusions to Apache Rat

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Project 'sdks' not found in root project 'beam'.

* Try:
Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug 
option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights.

* Get more help at

Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
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