Scott Wegner created BEAM-4050:

             Summary: Move pom generation metadata logic out of 
                 Key: BEAM-4050
             Project: Beam
          Issue Type: Sub-task
          Components: build-system
            Reporter: Scott Wegner
            Assignee: Luke Cwik

When preparing a release, we generate pom files for each artifact to be 
released. Most of the pom structure is filled in automatically, but there is a 
good deal of metadata that needs to be manually added. The [code for 
manipulating the XML structure|

] is verbose and it would make more sense to actually express it as XML rather 
than groovy DOM manipulations.

It would be nice to refactor this and clean up the build_rules.gradle file a 
bit. Some potential ideas for refactoring:
 # Check in a "base pom.xml" file pre-filled with metadata, and use this as the 
source for generated pom manipulations.
 # Check in and release a parent pom file which contains all required metadata. 
Other artifacts can reference it as a parent and then drop the duplicated 
 # At the very least, refactor the pom manipulation logic out to a different 
method or different file.

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