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     <h4 id="current-status">Current Status</h4>
   <div class="panel-body">
-    <p>The Apache Software Foundation is participating in 2018’s Google 
Summer of Code!
-Apache Brooklyn, along with our fellow projects at the ASF, are welcoming
-contact from potential GSoC students. You are welcome to work on your own ideas
-for our project, or look at the <a 
href="";>list of project ideas</a>
-(note that this list is for <em>all</em> of the Foundation’s projects, not 
-    <p>Applications are <strong>now open</strong> and your final proposal must 
be submitted to the
-Google Summer of Code website by <strong>March 27th 2018, 16:00 UTC</strong>. 
It will greatly
-benefit your application if you join our community, discuss your proposals and
-share your draft proposal with us before you submit your final application - 
-below for more details.</p>
+    <p>Applications for 2018 are <strong>now closed</strong> and The ASF are 
reviewing the submitted
+proposals. Applicants will hear through the official channels if their 
+has been successful. Applicants should not contact Brooklyn directly as we are
+unable to discuss applications during this phase. We are unable to accept late

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   <li><a href="/v/latest/misc/release-notes.html">Release Notes</a></li>
-<p>This documentation was generated 13 Mar 2018.</p>
+<p>This documentation was generated 11 Apr 2018.</p>
 <h2 id="version-history">Version History</h2>

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