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 ## Development
-To run tests, but skip tests in the vendor directory, run:
+To run tests, but skip tests in the vendor directory (to avoid running tests 
for the dependencies), run:
 go test $(go list ./... | grep -v /vendor/)
-The driver is not feature-complete yet, so contributions are very appreciated.
 #### Updating protocol buffer definitions
 To update the procotol buffer definitions, update `CALCITE_VER` in 
`gen-protobuf.bat` and `gen-protobuf.sh` to match
 the version included by Phoenix and then run the appropriate script for your 
-#### About the moby.yml file
-The moby.yml file is used by our internal tool to automatically reload and 
test the code during development.
-We hope to have this tool open-sourced soon.
 ## License
 The driver is licensed under the Apache 2 license.
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