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 See the [developers guide]({{ site.baseurl }}/develop/#getting-started).
+## Setting up an IDE for contributing
+### Setting up IntelliJ IDEA
+To setup [IntelliJ IDEA](, follow the standard 
steps for the installation of IDEA and set up one of the JDK versions currently 
supported by Calcite.
+Start with [building Calcite from the command 
+Go to *File > Open...* and open up Calcite's `pom.xml` file.
+When IntelliJ asks if you want to open it as a project or a file, select 
+Also, say yes when it asks if you want a new window.
+IntelliJ's Maven project importer should handle the rest.
+There is a partially implemented IntelliJ code style configuration that you 
can import located [on 
+It does not do everything needed to make Calcite's style checker happy, but
+it does a decent amount of it.
+To import, go to *Preferences > Editor > Code Style*, click the gear next to 
+then *Import Scheme > IntelliJ IDEA Code Style XML*.
+Once the importer is finished, test the project setup.
+For example, navigate to the method `JdbcTest.testWinAgg` with
+*Navigate > Symbol* and enter `testWinAgg`. Run `testWinAgg` by right-clicking 
and selecting *Run* (or the equivalent keyboard shortcut).
+If you encounter an error while running the `JdbcTest.testWinAgg` , run the 
following Maven command from the command line:
+`$ mvn -DskipTests clean install`
+You should see `"BUILD SUCCESS"`.
+Once that is complete, proceed with running `JdbcTest.testWinAgg`.
+### Setting up NetBeans
+From the main menu, select *File > Open Project* and navigate to a name of the 
project (Calcite) with a small Maven icon, and choose to open.
+(See [this 
 for an example of how to open a Maven project)
+Wait for NetBeans to finish importing all dependencies.
+To ensure that the project is configured successfully, navigate to the method 
`testWinAgg` in `org.apache.calcite.test.JdbcTest`.
+Right-click on the method and select to *Run Focused Test Method*.
+NetBeans will run a Maven process, and you should see in the command output 
window a line with
+ `Running org.apache.calcite.test.JdbcTest` followed by `"BUILD SUCCESS"`.
 ## Tracing
 To enable tracing, add the following flags to the java command line:
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@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ $ mvn install
 The HOWTO describes how to
 [build from a source distribution]({{ site.baseurl 
+[set up an IDE for contributing]({{ site.baseurl 
 [run more or fewer tests]({{ site.baseurl }}/docs/howto.html#running-tests) and
 [run integration tests]({{ site.baseurl 

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