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Date: Tue Apr 10 17:29:00 2018
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Add HOWTO about merging PRs for committers


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@@ -140,6 +140,7 @@ adapters.</p>
   <li><a href="#advanced-topics-for-committers" 
id="markdown-toc-advanced-topics-for-committers">Advanced topics for 
committers</a>    <ul>
+      <li><a href="#merging-pull-requests-for-calcite-committers" 
id="markdown-toc-merging-pull-requests-for-calcite-committers">Merging pull 
requests (for Calcite committers)</a></li>
       <li><a href="#set-up-pgp-signing-keys-for-calcite-committers" 
id="markdown-toc-set-up-pgp-signing-keys-for-calcite-committers">Set up PGP 
signing keys (for Calcite committers)</a></li>
       <li><a href="#making-a-snapshot-for-calcite-committers" 
id="markdown-toc-making-a-snapshot-for-calcite-committers">Making a snapshot 
(for Calcite committers)</a></li>
       <li><a href="#making-a-release-for-calcite-committers" 
id="markdown-toc-making-a-release-for-calcite-committers">Making a release (for 
Calcite committers)</a></li>
@@ -558,6 +559,15 @@ need to be re-generated only every build
 <p>The following sections are of interest to Calcite committers and in
 particular release managers.</p>
+<h2 id="merging-pull-requests-for-calcite-committers">Merging pull requests 
(for Calcite committers)</h2>
+<p>Ask the contributor to squash the PR into a single commit with a message 
starting with [CALCITE-XXX] where XXX is the associated JIRA issue number.
+You can take this step yourself if needed.
+The contributor’s name should also be added in parentheses at the end of the 
first line of the commit message.
+Finally, after a couple new lines make sure the message contains “Close 
apache/calcite#YYY” where YYY is the GitHub issue number.
+This is important as it is the only way we have to close issues on GitHub 
without asking the originator to do so manually.
+When the PR has been merged and pushed, be sure to mark the JIRA issue as 
resolved (do not use closed as that is reserved for release time).</p>
 <h2 id="set-up-pgp-signing-keys-for-calcite-committers">Set up PGP signing 
keys (for Calcite committers)</h2>
 <p>Follow instructions <a 
href="";>here</a> to
@@ -1280,10 +1290,10 @@ as a template. Be sure to include a brie
       <img src="/img/feather.png" width="190" height="77" alt="Apache 
   <div id="copyright">
-  <p>The contents of this website are &copy;&nbsp;2018
+  <p>The contents of this website are Copyright &copy;&nbsp;2018
      <a href="";>Apache Software Foundation</a>
      under the terms of
-     the <a href="";>
+     the <a href="";>
      Apache&nbsp;License&nbsp;v2</a>. Apache Calcite and its logo are
      trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.</p>

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