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    Site: Add instructions for managing Calcite repos through GitHub
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 The following sections are of interest to Calcite committers and in
 particular release managers.
+## Managing Calcite repositories through GitHub (for Calcite committers)
+Committers have write access to Calcite's 
+[ASF git repositories]( hosting
+the source code of the project as well as the website.
+All repositories present on GitBox are available on GitHub with write-access 
+enabled, including rights to open/close/merge pull requests and address issues.
+In order to exploit the GitHub services, committers should link their ASF and
+GitHub accounts via the [account linking 
+Here are the steps:
+ * Set your GitHub username into your [Apache profile](
+ * Enable [GitHub 
+on your GitHub account. 
+ * Activating GitHub 2FA changes the authentication process and may affect the 
way you 
+ [access 
+You may need to establish personal access tokens or upload your public SSH key 
to GitHub depending on the 
+protocol that you are using (HTTPS vs. SSH).     
+ * Merge your Apache and GitHub accounts using the [account linking 
+(you should see 3 green checks in GitBox).
+ * Wait at least 30 minutes for an email inviting you to Apache GitHub 
+ * Accept the invitation and verify that you are a [member of the 
 ## Merging pull requests (for Calcite committers)
 These are instructions for a Calcite committer who has reviewed a pull request

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