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+title: "Camel at ApacheCon North America 2019"
+date: 2019-09-10T16:45:32+02:00
+author: Zoran Regvart
+preview: Plenty of Camel at the ApacheCon 2019 in Las Vegas
+Apache Camel is part of ApacheCon 2019 in North America this year celebrating
+the 20th year anniversary of Apache Software Foundation.
+On the Integration track you will find out all about the [state of Apache
+Camel]( from Claus
+Ibsen, Sami Adranly will present Camel based [data integration platform at Uber
+called Medley]( Nicola
+Ferraro and Andrea Tarocchi will be talking about [Camel
+K]( and [Camel K with
+Knative](, Bob Paulin
+will make the cloud integration friendly in [Configuring Apache Camel for the
+Cloud]( and Michael
+Costello will talk about [serverless integration with
+Don’t miss talks and presentations about Apache Software Foundation projects,
+open source governance, community, and software development at the Flamingo
+Hotel in Las Vegas September 9-12! More details more details

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