Merge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into cassandra-3.0


Branch: refs/heads/cassandra-3.9
Commit: 8303fd1f5c23b45b65b662db423fa6bbd2832635
Parents: 5cda140 acd46ab
Author: Aleksey Yeschenko <>
Authored: Tue Aug 30 16:33:31 2016 +0100
Committer: Aleksey Yeschenko <>
Committed: Tue Aug 30 16:33:31 2016 +0100

 CHANGES.txt                                       |  1 +
 .../apache/cassandra/repair/   | 18 ++++++++++++++----
 2 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
diff --cc CHANGES.txt
index 7a1fbc5,74c44f8..fcbf1e4
--- a/CHANGES.txt
+++ b/CHANGES.txt
@@@ -1,49 -1,5 +1,50 @@@
 + * Fix file system race condition that may cause LogAwareFileLister to fail 
to classify files (CASSANDRA-11889)
 + * Fix file handle leaks due to simultaneous compaction/repair and
 +   listing snapshots, calculating snapshot sizes, or making schema
 +   changes (CASSANDRA-11594)
 + * Fix nodetool repair exits with 0 for some errors (CASSANDRA-12508)
 + * Do not shut down BatchlogManager twice during drain (CASSANDRA-12504)
 + * Disk failure policy should not be invoked on out of space (CASSANDRA-12385)
 + * Calculate last compacted key on startup (CASSANDRA-6216)
 + * Add schema to snapshot manifest, add USING TIMESTAMP clause to ALTER TABLE 
statements (CASSANDRA-7190)
 + * Fix clean interval not sent to commit log for empty memtable flush 
 + * Fix potential resource leak in RMIServerSocketFactoryImpl (CASSANDRA-12331)
 + * Backport CASSANDRA-12002 (CASSANDRA-12177)
 + * Make sure compaction stats are updated when compaction is interrupted 
 + * Fix potential bad messaging service message for paged range reads
 +   within mixed-version 3.x clusters (CASSANDRA-12249)
 + * Change commitlog and sstables to track dirty and clean intervals 
 + * NullPointerException during compaction on table with static columns 
 + * Fixed ConcurrentModificationException when reading metrics in 
GraphiteReporter (CASSANDRA-11823)
 + * Fix upgrade of super columns on thrift (CASSANDRA-12335)
 + * Fixed flacky BlacklistingCompactionsTest, switched to fixed size types and 
increased corruption size (CASSANDRA-12359)
 + * Rerun ReplicationAwareTokenAllocatorTest on failure to avoid flakiness 
 + * Exception when computing read-repair for range tombstones (CASSANDRA-12263)
 + * Lost counter writes in compact table and static columns (CASSANDRA-12219)
 + * AssertionError with MVs on updating a row that isn't indexed due to a null 
value (CASSANDRA-12247)
 + * Disable RR and speculative retry with EACH_QUORUM reads (CASSANDRA-11980)
 + * Add option to override compaction space check (CASSANDRA-12180)
 + * Faster startup by only scanning each directory for temporary files once 
 + * Respond with v1/v2 protocol header when responding to driver that attempts
 +   to connect with too low of a protocol version (CASSANDRA-11464)
 + * NullPointerExpception when reading/compacting table (CASSANDRA-11988)
 + * Fix problem with undeleteable rows on upgrade to new sstable format 
 + * Fix paging logic for deleted partitions with static columns 
 + * Wait until the message is being send to decide which serializer must be 
used (CASSANDRA-11393)
 + * Fix migration of static thrift column names with non-text comparators 
 + * Fix upgrading sparse tables that are incorrectly marked as dense 
 + * Fix reverse queries ignoring range tombstones (CASSANDRA-11733)
 + * Avoid potential race when rebuilding CFMetaData (CASSANDRA-12098)
 + * Avoid missing sstables when getting the canonical sstables 
 + * Always select the live sstables when getting sstables in bounds 
 + * Fix column ordering of results with static columns for Thrift requests in
 +   a mixed 2.x/3.x cluster, also fix potential non-resolved duplication of
 +   those static columns in query results (CASSANDRA-12123)
 + * Avoid digest mismatch with empty but static rows (CASSANDRA-12090)
 + * Fix EOF exception when altering column type (CASSANDRA-11820)
 +Merged from 2.2:
+  * Fail repair on non-existing table (CASSANDRA-12279)
   * cqlsh copy: fix missing counter values (CASSANDRA-12476)
   * Move migration tasks to non-periodic queue, assure flush executor shutdown 
after non-periodic executor (CASSANDRA-12251)
   * cqlsh copy: fixed possible race in initializing feeding thread 

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