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Change title to just "Reporting Bugs"
Add sphinx instructions for Python 3.6 on Windows

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@@ -20,15 +20,16 @@ the `source` subdirectory. The documentation uses 
 and is thus written in 
 To build the HTML documentation, you will need to first install sphinx and the
-[sphinx ReadTheDocs theme](the, 
-on unix you can do with:
+[sphinx ReadTheDocs theme](the
+When using Python 3.6 on Windows, use `py -m pip install sphinx 
sphinx_rtd_theme`, on unix
 pip install sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme
 The documentation can then be built from this directory by calling `make html`
 (or `make.bat html` on windows). Alternatively, the top-level `ant gen-doc`
-target can be used.
+target can be used.  When using Python 3.6 on Windows, use `sphinx_build -b 
html source build`.
 To build the documentation with Docker Compose, run:
diff --git a/doc/source/bugs.rst b/doc/source/bugs.rst
index 240cfd4..bd58a8f 100644
--- a/doc/source/bugs.rst
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@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@
 .. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 .. limitations under the License.
-Reporting Bugs and Contributing
+Reporting Bugs
 If you encounter a problem with Cassandra, the first places to ask for help 
are the :ref:`user mailing list
 <mailing-lists>` and the ``#cassandra`` :ref:`IRC channel <irc-channels>`.

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