rhtyd opened a new pull request #2551: agent: import letsencrypt X3 cross 
signed certificate to ssvm agent keystore
URL: https://github.com/apache/cloudstack/pull/2551
   This imports letsencypt X3 cross signed certificate to the default
   keystore file for ssvm agent.
   This fixes #2541.
   Example listing:
   $ keytool -list -keystore realhostip.keystore
   Keystore type: JKS
   Keystore provider: SUN
   Your keystore contains 5 entries
   root, Feb 3, 2012, trustedCertEntry,
   Certificate fingerprint (SHA1): 
   realhostip, Feb 3, 2012, PrivateKeyEntry,
   Certificate fingerprint (SHA1): 
   letsencryptauthorityx3cross, Apr 7, 2018, trustedCertEntry,
   Certificate fingerprint (SHA1): 
   cross, Feb 3, 2012, trustedCertEntry,
   Certificate fingerprint (SHA1): 
   intermed, Feb 3, 2012, trustedCertEntry,
   Certificate fingerprint (SHA1): 
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