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-These are the various options you can configure in `cmk` using `set`, for 
example `set output column`
-Option | Description | Default
-prompt | The CLI prompt | 🐱
-asyncblock | Whether to block and poll for async API job result, valid 
options: true and false | true
-timeout | The API timeout in seconds | 1800
-output | The API response output format, valid options: json, table, text, 
column, csv | json
-verifycert | Whether to verify X509/TLS certificate if URL is https enabled | 
-profile | The server profile name, `set` will switch to an existing profile or 
create a new profile with default if it does not exist | localcloud
-url* | The CloudStack server API url | http://localhost:8080/client/api
-username* | The user's username | admin
-password* | The user's password | password
-domain* | The user's domain | /
-apikey* | The user's API key | 
-secretkey* | The user's secret key | 
-- Options marked with `*` are settings server profile settings, other settings 
are core/global settings.
-- When both api/secret key and username/passwords are provided, the api/secret 
keys take precedence for API authentication over username/password.
-- An additional setting `debug` exists when can be turned on to enable console 
based debugging.
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