rhtyd opened a new pull request #3333: server: save SSH keypair exactly as 
generated by ssh-keygen
URL: https://github.com/apache/cloudstack/pull/3333
   On first startup, the management server creates and saves a random
   ssh keypair using `ssh-keygen` in the database. The previous code used
   to call `trim()` on the string and imposed a restriction of 4k length on
   the bytes read from the file.
   On latest CentOS7 release (CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)) I hit a
   bug where router_proxy (ssh) failed due to public key issue and kept
   prompting for a passphrase (the default is blank/empty). By adding a
   newline to the id_rsa.cloud private key it did not prompt the same and
   ssh worked. By performing a visual diff on bytes of the file I found
   that the DB version of the keypair and the version that gets put on the
   KVM host had a missing `line feed (0xA0)` character. This patch fixes
   the issue by ensuring we save the ssh keypair in the database exactly
   as it is generated by ssh-keygen. Furthermore, I found that sometimes
   the VR startup could fail if the VR took more time to patch, so I
   increased the number of retries it previously used to do.
   Screenshot showing the binary difference between ssh private key files (as 
on management server vs on the kvm host):
   ![Screenshot from 2019-05-17 
   After the fix the checksums match on both the kvm host and on the management 
   ![Screenshot from 2019-05-17 
   ![Screenshot from 2019-05-17 
   SSH packages details on my CentOS7 env:
   libssh2.x86_64                             1.4.3-12.el7_6.2            
   openssh.x86_64                             7.4p1-16.el7                
   openssh-askpass.x86_64                     7.4p1-16.el7                @base
   openssh-clients.x86_64                     7.4p1-16.el7                
   openssh-server.x86_64                      7.4p1-16.el7                
   ## Types of changes
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functionality to change)
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   - [ ] Cleanup (Code refactoring and cleanup, that may add test cases)

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