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 Apache Commons Compress software defines an API for working with
 compression and archive formats.  These include: bzip2, gzip, pack200,
-lzma, xz, Snappy, traditional Unix Compress, DEFLATE, LZ4, Brotli and ar, cpio,
-jar, tar, zip, dump, 7z, arj.
+lzma, xz, Snappy, traditional Unix Compress, DEFLATE, DEFLATE64, LZ4,
+Brotli, Zstandard and ar, cpio, jar, tar, zip, dump, 7z, arj.
+Release 1.16
+New features:
+o Add read-only support for Zstandard compression based on the
+  Zstd-jni project.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-423. Thanks to Andre F de Miranda. 
+o Added auto-detection for Zstandard compressed streams.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-425. 
+o Added write-support for Zstandard compression.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-426. 
+o Added read-only DEFLATE64 support to ZIP archives and as
+  stand-alone CompressorInputStream.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-380. Thanks to Christian Marquez Grabia. 
+o Added read-only DEFLATE64 support to 7z archives.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-437. 
+Fixed Bugs:
+o Synchronized iteration over a synchronizedList in
+  ParallelScatterZipCreator.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-430. Thanks to Bruno P. Kinoshita. 
+o ZipFile could get stuck in an infinite loop when parsing ZIP
+  archives with certain strong encryption headers.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-432. 
+o Added improved checks to detect corrupted bzip2 streams and
+  throw the expected IOException rather than obscure
+  RuntimeExceptions.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-424. 
+o Replaces instanceof checks with a type marker in LZ77 support code.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-435. Thanks to BELUGA BEHR. 
+o Updated XZ for Java dependency to 1.8 in order to pick up bug fix
+  to LZMA2InputStream's available method. 
+o ZipArchiveEntry now exposes how the name or comment have been
+  determined when the entry was read.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-429. Thanks to Damiano Albani. 
+o ZipFile.getInputStream will now always buffer the stream
+  internally in order to improve read performance.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-438. 
+o Speed improvement for DEFLATE64 decompression.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-440. Thanks to Dawid Weiss. 
+o Added a few extra sanity checks for the rarer compression
+  methods used in ZIP archives.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-436. 
+o Simplified the special handling for the dummy byte required by
+  zlib when using
+  Issue: COMPRESS-441. 
+o Various code cleanups.
+  Github Pull Request #61. Thanks to Shahab Kondri. 
+o TarArchiveEntry's preserveLeadingSlashes constructor argument
+  has been renamed and can now also be used to preserve the
+  drive letter on Windows. 
 Release 1.15

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