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                         Apache Commons CSV
+                            Version 1.5
+                           Release Notes
+This document contains the release notes for the 1.5 version of Apache Commons 
+Commons CSV reads and writes files in variations of the Comma Separated Value 
(CSV) format.
+CSV requires at least Java 7.
+The Apache Commons CSV library provides a simple interface for reading and 
+CSV files of various types.
+Feature and bug fix release
+Changes in this version include:
+o CSV-189:  CSVParser: Add factory method accepting InputStream. Thanks to 
Peter Holzwarth, Gary Gregory.
+o CSV-190:  Add convenience API CSVFormat.print(File, Charset). Thanks to Gary 
+o CSV-191:  Add convenience API CSVFormat.print(Path, Charset). Thanks to Gary 
+o CSV-192:  Add convenience API CSVParser.parse(Path, Charset, CSVFormat). 
Thanks to Gary Gregory.
+o CSV-205:  Add convenience API CSVFormat#printer() to print to System.out. 
Thanks to Gary Gregory.
+o CSV-207:  Provide a CSV Format for printing PostgreSQL CSV and Text formats. 
Thanks to Gary Gregory.
+o CSV-214:  Adding a placeholder in the Lexer and CSV parser to store the 
end-of-line string. Thanks to Nitin Mahendru, Gary Gregory.
+o CSV-203:  withNullString value is printed without quotes when QuoteMode.ALL 
is specified; add QuoteMode.ALL_NON_NULL. PR #17. Thanks to Richard Wheeldon, 
Kai Paroth.
+o CSV-194:  Fix outdated comments about FileReader in CSVParser #13. Thanks to 
Marc Prud'hommeaux.
+o CSV-193:  Fix incorrect method name 'withFirstRowAsHeader' in user guide. 
Thanks to Matthias Wiehl.
+o CSV-171:  Negative numeric values in the first column are always quoted in 
minimal mode. Thanks to Gary Gregory, Michael Graessle, Adrian Bridgett.
+o CSV-187: Update platform requirement from Java 6 to 7. Thanks to Gary 
+o CSV-201: Do not use RuntimeException in CSVParser.iterator().new Iterator() 
{...}.getNextRecord(). Thanks to Benedikt Ritter, Gary Gregory.
+Historical list of changes: 
+For complete information on Apache Commons CSV, including instructions on how 
to submit bug reports,
+patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Apache Commons CSV 
+Have fun!
+-Apache Commons CSV team
+                        Apache Commons CSV
                             Version 1.4
                            Release Notes

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