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+### Graphs in the dataset
+An [RDF Dataset](https://www.w3.org/TR/rdf11-concepts/#section-dataset)
+is defined as:
+> An RDF dataset is a collection of RDF graphs, and comprises:
+> * Exactly one default graph, being an RDF graph. The default graph does not 
have a name and may be empty.
+> * Zero or more named graphs. Each named graph is a pair consisting of an IRI 
or a blank node (the graph name), and an RDF graph. Graph names are unique 
within an RDF dataset.
+It is possible to retrieve these graphs from a `Dataset` using:
+* [getGraph()](apidocs/org/apache/commons/rdf/api/Dataset.html#getGraph--) for 
the _default graph_
 for a named graph
+Graph defaultGraph = dataset.getGraph();
+BlankNodeOrIRI graphName = factory.createIRI("http://example.com/graph";);
+Optional<Graph> otherGraph = dataset.getGraph(graphName);
+These `Graph`s provide a `Triple` **view** onto the `Quad`s in the `Dataset`:
+> `true`
+> `1`
+It is unspecified if modifications to the returned Graph are
+reflected in the Dataset.
+Note that it is unspecified if requesting an unknown graph name will
+return `Optional.empty()` or create a new (empty) `Graph`.
+Some implementations may also support a _union graph_, a `Graph` that contains
+all triples regardless of their graph names. _simple_ provides
+which can be used with any `Dataset` for this purpose.
 ## Mutability and thread safety

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