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@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and
       - [How do I Apply to the Mentor 
   - [Finding Apache Speakers For Events Or Meetups](#NewbieFAQ-AboutSpeakers)
   - [How Do I Suggest Changes To This Website?](#websitecms)
+  - [What Other Informational Websites Are There?](#comdevweb) 
 We are always looking for suggestions of better ways to help newcomers to the 
ASF find 
@@ -256,9 +257,19 @@ changes by following the [CMS Usage guid
 If you are not a committer, but have suggested updates, you can submit a 
 patch yourself!  The CMS [supports anonymous (non-committer) access][5], 
 and you can have it [email the patch to us directly][6].  Alternately, 
-you can [ask us a general question on dev@community](#generalquestion).
+you can [ask us a general question on dev@community](#generalquestion)
+or read our [mailing list archives][7] for past questions and answers.
+# What Else Does Community Development Publish? # {#comdevweb}
+The Community Development project maintains several other tools 
+that help you navigate the ASF.
+  - The [Apache Projects Directory][8] lists all our software technologies, 
and you can learn [how it works][9] and what JSON data feeds are available.
+  - [][10] serves as a telephone directory of all Apache 
+  - Some projects [ask for Help Wanted][11] with easy-to-get-started tasks or 
bugs for newcomers.  You can see the [code that runs the HelpWanted site][12].
+  - Apache committers can login to the [Project Reporting Tool][13], that 
helps PMCs create quarterly board reports; the code is also available.
@@ -266,4 +277,11 @@ you can [ask us a general question on de
   [3]: /gettingStarted/101.html
-  [6]:
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+  [6]:
+  [7]:
+  [8]:
+  [9]:
+  [10]:
+  [11]:
+  [12]:
+  [13]:
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