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     new 9dc8774  add notes about non working commands
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commit 9dc8774170df2539885c4ab6aeaf685ef37eb89d
Author: Jan Piotrowski <>
AuthorDate: Mon Feb 19 19:28:54 2018 +0100

    add notes about non working commands
 docs/ | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

diff --git a/docs/ 
index 5fe9af2..3922ee7 100644
--- a/docs/
+++ b/docs/
@@ -137,6 +137,8 @@ This command removes `-dev` from the `version` entry in 
     for l in cordova-android; do ( cd $l; v="$(grep '"version"' package.json | 
cut -d'"' -f4)"; if [[ $v = *-dev ]]; then v2="${v%-dev}"; echo "$l: Setting 
version to $v2"; sed -i '' -E 's/version":.*/version": "'$v2'",/' package.json; 
fi) ; done
+Note: This command [doesn't actually 
work]( You can also replace 
`-dev` manually of course.
 Note: In `cordova-android`, also remember to handle the version in 
 ### Increase version
@@ -147,6 +149,8 @@ To decide if this release merits it, view the changes via:
     ( cd cordova-android && git log --pretty=format:'* %s' --topo-order 
--no-merges $(git describe --tags $(git rev-list --tags --max-count=1))..master 
+Note: This command [doesn't actually 
work]( You can also check out 
the changes manually (or via the next step).
 ### Create Release Notes
 Update the repos `` file with changes since the last release.

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